Centrifuges Un-Limited

- Mud Cooler - Drilling Fluid Temperature Control System


Cooling of the drilling fluid is an essential part of the safety and financial aspects in drilling high pressure/high temperature wells. Centrifuges Un-limited packages provide just such a system. Supplied skid mounted for ease of transport and installation they can be in operation in the shortest possible time. Units can be provided to encompass a range of operational needs. Their efficiency in the effective treatment of mud heat transfer is well documented and ease of access allows for ready maintenance programs.

  • Improves personnel safety and working environment.
  • Increases endurance and accuracy of inhole measuring devices such as MWD.
  • MWD and logging tools can be used at greater depths.
  • Gives longer elastomer life in MWD/LWD
  • tools, BOPs, riser, shakers, centrifuges and pumps.
  • Fewer conditioning additives are required, giving lower drilling fluid costs.
  • Improves Safety of HPHT Drilling Operations.
  • Reduces costly trips in/out of hole.
  • Reduces costly trips in/out of hole.
  • Maintains OB fluid below flashpoint.

The Centrifuges SuperCul module incorporates a single plate heat exchanger design maximising performance to match the dual mud 500 module. All modules are built to the highest industry standards.


  • Half the size of existing dual unit
  • Easier to install
  • Smaller footprint


  • Patented close contact plate configuration

Safety Environment

  • Double gasket design means no cross contamination

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