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The residential models control lime/scale deposits and corrosion in plumbing systems (including hot and cold water lines), water heaters, icemakers, humidifiers, and more. The Superior Water Conditioner reduces the surface tension of water, making it “wetter” or more penetrable so that soap will lather better, resulting in cleaner laundry, dishware, cars, etc. The reduced surface tension also creates a better rinsing effect that reduces or completely eliminates spotting when drying.

Although the Superior Water Conditioner does not actually soften water as a salt-using, ion-exchange softener does, many of our customers report increased facility in rinsing soap off with less residue left behind. A Superior Water Conditioner can also be used in conjunction with a filter if iron is present.

By magnetically suspending the minerals in water, lime scale and corrosion buildup are controlled. Superior is non-polluting and does not affect the taste or quality of the water since NO CHEMICALS OR ADDITIVES ARE USED. Water that is safe before Superior water treatment is equally as safe following treatment, and potable water subjected to this process has received approval from International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

Furthermore, Superiorized water is not only safe for watering plants and lawns, it will enhance plant growth, reduce fertilizer requirements and conserve water because less water will be required to reap the same results.

Along with the main line installation (RX-Special), individual and separate applications may be desired for appliances or equipment that hold water for longer periods of time and do not have a consistent water flow. Various applications are described and explained in more detail below:

Superiorized water will help soften and loosen existing scale buildup and protect against future accumulation. Periodic flushing is required to remove the loosened scale and/or mud from the bottom of the tank. Proper water conditioning will extend the life expectancy of the water heater, provided it is maintained as described above.

The average water heater (using untreated water) may accumulate 1/4' or more of scale within the first 12 - 18 months of operation (extremely hard water will accumulate much faster). 1/4' of scale can use up to 40% more fuel to heat the water to a designated temperature.

As water is evaporated into your home for proper humidity, the vapor is pure and all the impurities are left behind at the point of evaporation. The impurities collect, become brittle, and clog the media, reducing the efficiency of operation. Cleaning becomes a problem and new media pads are often required.

By Superiorizing the water, the impurities will remain in a rinsable state. Periodic cleaning becomes easier ... a simple washing out of the loose material.

Superiorized water will dissolve existing scale formation and protect the plumbing system from future scale buildup, thereby maintaining the water pressure throughout the home. Piping, faucets, faucet washers, fixtures and water using appliances will last longer.

Washing machines and automatic dishwashers will perform equally as well with reduced amounts of detergent and additives.

As scale builds up in automatic ice makers, one of two common problems arise: sticking (the ice cube will not easily slide and ice production is reduced), and flooding (scale buildup in the solenoid valve causing constant leakage).

The Superiorized water will rectify these problems as well as produce a harder, clearer ice cube.

The membrane of a Reverse Osmosis System can plug with mineral scale and require frequent service or replacement. The installation of a Superior Water Conditioner on the inlet to an R.O. System will reduce scaling, increase efficiency, extend membrane life, and eliminate the need for soft water supply. Since the Superior Water Conditioner reduces surface tension, production rate will increase and less water will go to waste.

The Superior Water Conditioner's patented system installed in-line with a garden hose reduces the surface tension of the water, making it more soluble. All chemicals that are used for fertilization will be used more efficiently because of the increase in solubility.

The ability of the treated water to dissolve the minerals available in both soil and water will enhance the nutrient levels in the soil available to the root system, reducing the amount of fertilizer needed. Changing calcium silicate to calcium carbonate allows for better penetration of the membranes of the plant. Superiorized water eliminates the need to use wetting agents because of the reduction in surface tension, which allows the water to penetrate the soil deeper and faster. Superiorized water also spreads through the ground more uniformly, eliminating puddling caused by over-watering an area to eliminate dry spots. An improvement in germination is an additional benefit.

Since the Superior Water Conditioner reduces surface tension, less soap is required when washing a car. Superiorized water also produces a better wash on the car and helps to prevent damage to expensive finishes by changing the calcium in the water into a harmless form that will not scratch or dull paint. Spotting on the car finish will also be greatly reduced or totally eliminated, as the water will tend to run off the surface, carrying the minerals with it instead of drying on the car's surface.

Hard water creates problems in water coils of geo-thermal systems. Periodic maintenance is required to clean the coils of mineral scale buildup. The installation of a Superior Water Conditioner will keep this buildup from taking place, increasing efficiency and extending the life of the equipment, saving time and money.

In their installer's guide, WaterFurnace International suggests: 'If repeated coil cleaning is necessary, we recommend that a Superior Magnetic Water Conditioner (or similar device) be installed on the water coil inlet to inhibit formation of scale or corrosion.'

The planners of the Ahwatukee House (pictured here), designed by Robert Schiffner for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at Taliesian West, suggested Superior Water Conditioners to treat all water used to protect this 'House of the Future' from scale and corrosion buildup, keeping it operating at peak efficiency. Here's why:

The solar industry has an answer to conserve energy ... utilize our largest source of heat, the sun, for heating water. This heated water can be utilized for potable purposes, interior heating, swimming pools, pre-heating to boilers, etc.
This water contains dissolved minerals, which form scale and corrosion on heating surfaces, collectors, valves, lines, and controls. When such scale is present, efficiency is impaired, circulation slowed, and the solar system made inefficient.

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