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The success of the SuperO2 Aspirator Aerator lies in a perfectly designed propeller to produce maximum mixing and produce a very fine 1 -2 mm air in accordance with USEPA for optimal dissolving oxygen in the waste water. - New technology with high oxygen transfer design - A new propeller system that makes efficient mixing power - With the transfer of high oxygen making technology SuperO2 Aerator is more efficient than similar technology - Stay Effective for a depth of 2-7 meters (See Table) - Maintenance costs are low: in the RPM round the low life spare parts become long and durable - Using a precision joint system so that the rotation is smoother and more durable - Dual function: mixing and aerator for aeration and anoxic process - Air bubbles are very smooth according to EPA standards - Can be applied to COD and BOD is very high. Up to BOD 50000 ppm - Available in sizes varying from 2 HP to 50 HP (Higher Power are Available) More Information in