Supersaturated Water Injection (SWI)



Passive Gas infusion is a patented technology that efficiently dissolves high concentrations of CO2 into water at elevated pressures. Supersaturated Water Injection (SWI) is an effective technology for NAPL recovery. CO2 supersaturated water injected into the subsurface results in the nucleation of CO2 bubbles at and away from the injection point. As the supersaturated liquid flows through the porous medium, gas evolution occurs in situ as the system returns to thermodynamic equilibrium. The nucleating bubbles coalesce, rise and volatilize residual NAPL ganglia.



  • LNAPL and DNAPL recovery enhancement system for trapped and immobile NAPL mass
  • Uses carbon dioxide to strip volatile NAPL component for capture in the unsaturated zone
  • Mobilizes liquid NAPL trapped in aquifer matrix for recovery

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