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Only Super Products offers the industy's original “Supersucker” vacuum truck. Perfect for a wide variety of industrial, environmental and agricultural cleaning projects, our single-mode, truck-mounted vacuum loader offers high power suction to pneumatically convey solids, liquids, sludges or slurries through lines 8' in diameter and smaller.

General Dimensions

  • 35’ (10.67 m) approximate overall length
  • 12’-10” (3.91 m) approximate overall height
  • 8’ (2.44 m) approximate overall width

Vacuum System

  • 8” (20.3 cm) positive displacement vacuum system offers 5800 cfm/28” hg (9854 m3/hr/0.95 bar)
  • Heavy-duty transfer case drive

Filtration System

  • Single mode filtration enables loading of wet or dry material with no changeover required
  • Reverse air pulsation system continuously cleans the 60 snap-ring type, acrylic-coated filter bags
  • Easy filter access on top of unit for filter bag change-out; large side door access to baghouses allows for quick bag removal
  • One (1) large cyclone with large passageways for greater airflow, greater performance and greater fuel economy

Collector Body

  • 18 cu yd (13.8 m3) payload capacity
  • 1/4” (6.35 mm) steel construction throughout entire body and filter chambers
  • Body dumping is achieved by one heavy duty, telescopic double-acting cylinder that provides a 51° dump angle. The body, baghouses and separator chamber hydraulically raise together, allowing for quick unloading of material
  • Full opening tailgate with two lift cylinders. The hydraulic tailgate latching system is liquid tight and prevents leakage in case of hydraulic malfunction. Latches and hinges are fully adjustable

Additional Features Available

  • High-Pressure Wash Down Systems
  • Vacuum Relief Valves, Electric and Manual
  • Rear Worklights
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Debris Tank Vibrator
  • Tailgate Auger System
  • Strobe Lights
  • Tool Box
  • Drain Valves
  • On Top of Body Railings
  • Sludge Pump Mounted on Tailgate
  • Hydraulic Booms
  • Gauge Packages

he intent of this specification is to describe in detail, the requirements for an Industrial Vacuum Loader. The required unit shall be truck mounted and capable of conveying virtually any dry, slurry or liquid material through an 8” vacuum hose.

Collector Body

  • The collector body tank shall be a minimum of 18 cu. yd. (13.76 cu. m) usable capacity.
  • The collector body shall be cylindrical and constructed of a minimum of 1/4” steel with an adequate stiffening ring to accommodate a continuous full vacuum (1 ATM) or a positive pressure of 13 PSIG (.82 atm).
  • Major separation of the materials shall occur in the body due to an extreme reduction in air velocity. Any particulate matter remaining in the air stream shall enter one cylindrical, externally mounted, cyclone separator where additional material is removed. The resulting separation shall be up to 98% effective.
  • The separator shall be constructed of a minimum of 1/4” steel with wearliner and shall be bolted in place for easy removal.
  • The separated dust shall fall into a common storage area below the separator with a minimum dust storage capacity of 1.6 cu. yd (1.2 cu. m). The “clean” air shall continue through to the baghouse filtration system where the fine dust is removed.
  • A final filter shall be located between the baghouse and vacuum pump providing fail-safe protection to the pump.
  • Material is emptied from the body by hydraulically opening the rear tailgate and hydraulically raising the body, (51° maximum).
  • A three stage double-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder rated at 30 tons shall be nose mounted between the body and the truck frame to provide the required lifting force.
  • Accumulated material from the baghouse and the cyclone separator shall dump with the main payload out of the rear of the unit through bolted on 1/4” thick steel cylindrical dust chutes when the body is elevated.
  • The tailgate shall be hydraulically lifted and latched from a side control panel. There shall be separate hydraulic controls for lifting and latching the tailgate.
  • Velocity fuses shall be installed on both tailgate lift cylinders and the body lift cylinder to assure safe operation even if a hydraulic line should burst.
  • A neoprene compression seal mounted on the tank shall be provided to ensure a leak-free seal between the body and the tailgate. The tailgate hinges and latch hooks shall be adjustable.
  • The tailgate latching system shall mechanically latch over-center to protect against the tailgate opening even if the hydraulic system fails.
  • The separator storage area shall have (1) access door of a minimum size of 17.25” x 23.75” with an over-center clamp to lock closed.
  • Fenders will be supplied over the chassis rear wheels.
  • There shall be one (1) 14” diameter stainless steel float ball shut off located at the front top inside of the collector body.
  • There shall be a float ball clean out/inspection door located directly above the collector body float ball shut off.
  • There shall be a platform on top of the unit between the body ladder and baghouse/separator area.
  • Collector body support prop.
  • Tailgate support prop


  • Self-cleaning baghouses (2) shall be included to provide positive protection for the vacuum pump under all operating conditions. Each baghouse shall be externally mounted from the collector body.
  • Each baghouse shall be constructed of a minimum of 1/4” thick steel with reinforcing to withstand full vacuum. Each baghouse must be cylindrical in shape and hold (30) filter bags.
  • Collected material shall be stored beneath the bags in an area with a minimum capacity of 1.6 cu. yd. (1.2 cu. m.). The material shall be automatically dumped with the payload through a bolted on cylindrical ¼' thick steel dump tube.
  • Acrylic coated felt media filters shall remove 99% of all particulate matter one micron or larger from the airstream.
  • The filter media shall be cleaned automatically and continuously during operation by means of a sequential reverse compressed air pulse controlled by a solid state electronic programmer with 1” diaphragm valves. Air cannon pulsation systems are not acceptable.
  • The unit shall have a single air flow path.
  • The 14” diameter stainless steel float ball shall prevent any overflow of liquids from the collector body into the separator, baghouses, and vacuum pump.
  • The total area of the filter media shall be a minimum of 435 square feet (consisting of 60 bags).
  • Each filter bag shall be easily installed from the top of the unit without tools. The filter bags shall be a snap ring construction with a sewn in cuff in the bottom to prolong life.
  • Access to all internal portions of the baghouse shall be accomplished by an access/inspection door with a minimum size of 17.25” x 23.75” that is quickly opened by an overcenter clamp.
  • Bag pulsing blowpipes shall be hinged inside the baghouse for easy filter cage and bag removal.
  • Each baghouse cover door shall be raised manually without spring assistance.

Vacuum Pump
Model 6227: The vacuum pump shall be a Dresser Industries 1125DVJ rotary lobe positive displacement type capable of 6000 CFM and 28” hg. An air inlet silencer shall be direct mounted to the vacuum pump for cooling.

Control Panel

  • All controls for operating the vacuum pump, tailgate lift and latch, and the body dump hoist mechanism, shall be located on the left side of the unit.
  • A NEMA 4 weather tight control cabinet with a clear acrylic front panel shall include a vacuum pump tachometer with hourmeter, vacuum gauge, panel lights with switch, throttle control switch, filter pulsing on/off switch and room for other gauges.

Additional Features

  • Toolbox: Frame mounted lockable steel toolbox, 48” x 16” x16”
  • Manual Vacuum Relief Valve: 4” diameter, manually operated, aluminum butterfly valve mounted on the unit, adjacent to the vacuum pump.
  • Electric Vacuum Relief Valve: 8” diameter, electrically controlled vacuum relief. Vacuum relief is controlled with control panel on/off switch and also via a hand held pendant.
  • Rear Port Hole: 8” rear port elbow mounted on the rear of the unit above the tailgate. Includes an internal deflector to deflect incoming material towards the floor of the unit.
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Temperature Gauge: Control panel mounted gauge that registers temperature of vacuum pump exhaust air.
  • Liquid Level Indicator: Mounted on the rear of the unit above the tailgate. Includes an externally visible needle indicator and internally mounted stainless steel float ball connected to it.
  • Rear Tailgate Platform: Mounted on tailgate and includes a fold down ladder.
  • Electric Vibrator: An electric vibrator mounted on the underside of the collector body. Vibrator is controlled via a toggle switch located on the main control panel.
  • Rear Drain Valve: 6” diameter brass knifegate drain valve located on the bottom center of the tailgate.

Industrial vacuum loaders are truck-mounted units designed to pneumatically convey dry, slurry or liquid material through a vacuum hose. Since they offer a safe, reliable solution to cleaning up industrial waste, recovering and recycling valuable raw materials, industrial vacuum systems are an asset to today’s environmental protection efforts.

Their collector bodies, baghouses, vacuum pumps and control panels are engineered for reliable safe performance in extreme conditions as well as efficient maintenance. These robust industrial vacuum loaders are extremely versatile, making them well suited to meeting the demands associated with removing a variety of materials from a variety of locations.

Industrial Vacuum at Work:

  • Removing Materials
  • Various Locations
  • Typical Applications

Removing Materials

Industrial vacuum loaders have proven their effectiveness in vacuuming a wide array of materials. Solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge can all be vacuumed successfully.

These vacuuming systems can handle abrasives, alumina, brick, carbon, catalysts, cement, chemicals, clay, coke, coal, dolomite, dust, fertilizer, fly ash, fluorspar, foundry sand, grain, grit slag, oxides, lime, metal chips, mill scale, oil spills, ore, paint chips, pellets, rocks, sludges, and slurries.

Various Locations

Truck-mounted industrial vacuum loaders are ideal for easily, quickly and cost effectively removing materials from remote or inaccessible areas.

The versatility of vacuum systems enables them to remove materials from barges, breechings, bridges, clarifiers, collectors, cooling towers, conveyors, cranes, elevators, exhaust tunnels, flues, furnaces, heat exchangers, heavy machinery, hoppers, holds, precipitators, reactors, screens, settling tanks, sewers, silos, sludge beds, sumps, spills, tanks, thickeners and tube bundles.

Typical Applications

Industrial truck-mounted vacuum loaders have proven to be an invaluable tool for the removal of materials in a host of industries. Vacuum systems offer the ideal removal solution for bulk material recovery, power plants, cement plants, lime and coal plants, pulp and paper plants, chemical and petro chemical applications, foundries, mining, minerals processing, copper and aluminum manufacturing, steel mills, dust collectors, bridge painting clean-up, railway ballast removal applications and the glass industry.

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