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- Microgranular Synthetic Tackifier



SuperTack  is a microgranular synthetic tackifier specific for hydroseeding. It is very concentrated with up to 90% of active substance and totally biodegradable.

  • Non-toxic and not dangerous.
  • Increases the protection against erosion (even up to 95%)
  • Promotes germination and maintains available the nourishing elements 
  • Increases water retention and supports the preservation of the soil’s water reservoir
  • Lightens the blend density for hydroseeding
  • Suitable for interventions in arid zones or steep slopes, with compacted and clay soil
  • Suggested for binding long straws in hydroseeding with straw mulch

The dosage depends on climate, season and soil’s conditions.

  • Flat surface: 1g/ mq 
  • Slope higher: 1:1: 2-3 gr/mq

Package: 4-8 kg tanks; 25 kg bags.

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