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Kanyo in collaborating with Daimaru Seisakusho Co, Japan has brought in an innovative green technology for mixed waste.

What is Super Waste Processor?

Super Waste Processor(SWP) is organic waste decomposer. SWP is equipment which carries out the annihilation disposal of the garbage.

SWP have designed by considering a price, a fuel cost, the cost of equipment, and maintenance expenses at worst, and developing them compared with the processing machine of the existing garbage.

Although it seems that it is thought few that the throughput of a substance is considered compared with the incinerator of the other company, at few fuel costs and maintenance cost, without burning, it disappears and garbage is lost. Since decomposition processing temperature is around 350 degrees, there are almost no worries about dioxin.

If the total amounts, such as a maintenance cost, are considered as compared with the product of the other company, even if it installs the number according to the throughput of garbage, worthy enough product and our company have confidence.


  1. Inhibition of environmental pollution: dramatic reduction of pollutants (e.g., CO2, dioxin, SOx, NOx, soot, ash, smoke, waste water, organic pollutants, etc.)
  2. Huge constriction of both the initial and the operational costs.
  3. Little or zero use of energy and/or fuel. Continuous 24- hour operation is possible and recommendable.


  1. Super Waste Processor decomposes organic waste with low temperature plasma.
  2. It is neither an incinerator nor a carbonizing kiln.
  3. Extremely low temperature operation. Max. temperature, 350C° in the core of the ash layer. At the rest, the temperature stays very low.
  4. Outer walls can be touched bare-handedly. Near zero risk of fire.

  1. The ECU is not an incinerator and requires no fuel.
  2. The unit is a low termperature magnetic field decomposer utilizing a special magnetic field and dissolved oxygen.
  3. After the initial ingnition with a starter flame and magnetic ashes, no supplementary fuel is required.
  4. Once the magnetic ashes (ionic power) are accumulated, the unit keeps working naturally as long as there is waste to be processed. The operation is just easy.
  5. The Unit's smoke and color reduction equipment requires no additional fuel. the only requirement is to exchange the processing agent.
  6. The unit can also be utilized for the headting of water and air.
  7. Not being an incineratorm, The unit requires only the notification of installation before opration.

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