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Aquadam UK Limited

Supply only Pond Liner


Aquadam UK Ltd can provide pre-fabricated pond liners for clients own installation. We understand that certain straight forward projects can easily be self installed without the supervision of our engineers. From 10m2 to 1000m2 we can pre-fabricate to your exact requirement. Our high perfomance sheet membranes out perform other membranes with generally twice the strength characteristics (elongation, tear, tensile strength) than a pvc or butyl liner membrane.


For the most effective way of ensuring a perfect fit for the liner, aquadam recommend that the pond be dug, then accurately measured.

Pond lining materials.

  • Geotxtile underlay/overlay - 300g per m2 - superior puncture resistance
  • Aquadam geomembrane liner 0.5mm - 20yr warranty
  • Aquadam geomembrane liner 0.75mm - 25yr warranty
  • Aquadam geomembrane liner 1mm - 30yr warranty

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