Sure Flow Products LLC

Sure Flow Products LLC

- Model Series CM - Corioils Mass Flow Meter



No Moving Parts – No Obstruction of Flow Path. Full scale flows from 1.3 GPM to 260 GPM. Connection Sizes: ½ inch to 3 inches (Flanged, Sanitary/Tri-Clamp, or Threaded). Construction Materials: Stainless Steel. 4-20mA Ouptut for Flow, & Temperature. Optional Integral or Remote Digital Display of Rate, Total, or both. Battery powered. Accuracy: 0.5% of Rate. Turn Down/Rangeablility: 30:1. Maximum Pressure: 5000 PSIG. Applications include Food, Milk, Paints, Slurries, Water, Oils, Chemicals, Fluids Containing Debris, Waste Fluids, Air & Gases.

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