VeruTEK Technologies, Inc.

Surfactant Enhanced In-situ Chemical Oxidation



VeruTEK’s patented S-ISCO (Surfactant Enhanced In-situ Chemical Oxidation) process incorporates VeruSOL, a biodegradable, plant-based surfactant/co-solvent mixture that both desorbs soil contaminants – making them accessible for oxidative destruction in place, and also stabilizes the oxidant–improving the performance of the treatment. A field proven technology, S-ISCO has been implemented internationally on a broad range of sites.

  • Source destruction through enhanced contact between oxidant & contaminants
  • Permanent, safe and cost-competitive soil & groundwater remediation
  • Remedial option for sites with roadways, utilities and structures
  • Results achieved in weeks or months, providing faster, more complete remedies than competing alternatives that may take years.

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