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- Model AMI Codes-II HC - Chlorine Monitoring & Control System


Complete Systems for the Automatic and Constant Measurement and Control of Elevated Chlorine Concentrations. Monitor AMI Codes-II HC for the measurement of Total Chlorine. Integrated pH-measurement and sample temperature monitoring. Designed for application in reuse water processing, wastewater and sanitation water. Process-photometer according to Iodometric-Method (AWWA 4500-Cl C).

  • Precise quality-system: inexpensive, low-maintenance, precise and simple to handle.
  • Add-on module for automated chemical cleaning extends the maintenance-free operating time.
  • Complete system mounted on a panel: tested, calibrated and ready for operation.


Analytical System

  • Wide Measuring range: Total Chlorine: 5 - 50 ppm
  • Greatest long-term stability by automatic zero point adjustment before every reading.
  • Steady sample flow by a special flow cell design.
  • Accurate and low-maintenance process-photometer: unaffected by contamination.
  • pH-Measurement with temperature compensation.

AMI Codes Transmitter

  • Easy menu-guided operation and large backlit LCD-display.
  • Many connection types: 2 programmable signal outputs for control, 2 programmable relay contacts, 1 programmable input and 1 separate relay contact as summary alarm indication.
  • High operating reliability through a constant control of the sample flow and monitoring of reagent levels.
  • Optional: Instrument communication with Fieldbus protocol (Profibus DP, Modbus and USB).


  • Complete reagents-sets, produced according to the highest SWAN quality standards, assure you the accuracy and the continuity of your analyses.

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