SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG

- Model AMI Powercon - Acid (Cation) Conductivity


Analyzer for the automatic and continuous measurement of acid (cation) conductivity in feedwater, steam and condensate. Measurement the conductivity after a cation exchanger. Two precision conductivity sensor with slot-lock design and integrated Pt1000 temperature probe. Easy to replace cation exchanger. Automatic deaeration of the cation exchanger. Optional pre-rinse setup for instantaneous resin exchange. Factory tested, and ready for installation and operation.


Analytical System

  • Conductivity measurement range: 0.055 to 1000 μS/cm
  • High precision: ± 1 % of the measured value
  • Temperature compensation:
    • non linear function for high purity water
    • neutral salts
    • strong acids
    • strong bases
    • Ammonia, Ethanolamine
    • Morpholine
    • Linear coefficient in %/°C
    • Absolute (none)

AMI Electronic Unit

  • Rugged aluminum housing (IP66).
  • Two freely scalable current signal outputs (0/4 – 20 mA), third one as an option.
  • Optional fieldbus communication board (Profibus, Modbus, Webserver).

Flow-Cell with Sensors and Integrated Cation Exchanger with Pre-Rinse Option

  • Stainless steel flow cell with integrated flow adjustment valve and digital sample flow meter.
  • Quick sensor release with patented slot-lock design.

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