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Gökmasan Ltd.

Swarf Handling Systems



Aluminium, steel  and the other material swarf  are separated from the cutting oil and pure oil via chip washing system. Loaded chips to the screw conveyor  are washed with the pressurized water and oil removing  detergant coming through the nozuls or in dipping bed. The fluid passes through a collecting tank.

  • Washed chips are conveyed to the centrifuge and oil and water  are collected with G-Force in the collecting tank. Swarf is sent to a silo or a conveyor  pnomatically.
  • The liquid in collecting tank pumped to the filtering machine and metal chips in micron level are filtered  by a cloth filter. The tramp oil in cutting fluid is separated through a tramp oil separator. Clean fluid is fed to the system again.


  • Screw conveyor(washing unit)       
  • Heater
  • Centrifuge
  • Conveyor
  • Fluid collecting tank
  • Filtering machine
  • Tramp oil separator.


  • Chiller
  • Chip carts
  • Crusher/shredder
  • Briquetter
  • Bar end separator

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