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The Hurricane series is a misting platform that is based on a revolutionary new rotary fan technology. It leverages basic rotary fans and several of our design innovations to make it one of the most flexible and powerful misting delivery systems available on the market today. It consists of the following Technologies:

Hurricane Fan & Knitro Accelerator

The high performance fan unit compresses the air as it moves closer and closer to the mouth of the unit, similar in principle to how a jet engine works to increase its thrust. This results in a increase in thrust and forces the air to stabilizes before it reaches the misting head. This design allows for a smooth even flow of mist over extremely long distances with very little turbulence. To boost the performance even further at the mouth of the fan head is our unique Knitro-Pressure Accelerator (see image below) which increase the speed and flow of the air by another 30% making it flow further then fan units twice its size.

The Tornado Misting Head

All of our misting systems incorporate the Tornado Misting Head. This next generation misting system is based on the simple principle of centrifugal force. It spins at an extremely high RPM and throws any liquid flowing into the head out at an extremely high speed. As it moves away from the release point it hits a mesh wall that fractures the moisture into tiny atomized particles which then can be  pushed by a given fan technology. This allows for several advantages:

  • Zero to Low Maintenance – Misting Baskets are not susceptible to clogging like fixed nozzle systems. Its so powerful the oil industry uses it to evaporate drilling mud.
  • Extreme Durability – Electrical and Hydraulic Motors can run for extremely long periods of time
  • Independently Controlled Moisture Flow – Flow of moisture is not dependent on nozzle size just the flow of water to the basket
  • Cost Effective Scaling – Fixed nozzle systems are based on pressure and space  Basket technology is scaleable up to 100’s of gallons per minute and beyond
  • Interchangeable Baskets –  Its easy to control the size of the water molecule by changing out  a single baskets instead of hundreds of nozzles. Molecule size is based on the mesh size of the basket and flow rate of product/water

In the hurricane the tornado misting baskets are placed at the opening add the moisture/chemistry to the air flow. To control the amount of moisture/chemistry flowing out the head is easily adjustable with a flow  control valve. This combined with the Hurricane Fan allows for chemistries and moisture being pushed in large quantities over vast distances

LINK – Mobile Unit

The LINK Mobile Platform consists of a trailer, control system and hydraulically controlled automation system along with a standard Hurricane Fan Unit. Units can be chained behind a vehicle for easy placement at multiple locations.

Standard Mountable Head

The base configuration consists of a stand alone Hurricane Fan, Knitro-Accelerator and the Tornado Misting head on a mountable bracket. Ideal for perimeter systems, posts or permanent locations

Blizzard’ Winter Misting System

A high pressure vaporizer and blending system allows for misting of odor control products in sub zero temperatures.

Electric Pivot Motor

The Electric motor Allows the Fan head raise up and to rotate back and forth up to 180°

  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Perimeter Systems
  • Composting Facilities
  • Landfills
  • Recycling Centers
  • Large Crowd Events
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Cold Weather Misting Environments

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