Swing Set


10ga Galvanized body. AR lined turn spout. Urethane lined outlets. Positive locking pin. Weather tight construction. Large Inspection doors. Cable or electric control. Round flanged inlets and outlets. Brushed outlet to reduce dust and material buildup.

6'-24'   Diameters
Up to   18 outlets
Single or double inlets

CABLE CONTROL - The operator steps on a foot pedal releasing the locking pin from the indicator plate.   The billhead is moved by the handwheel to the desired position. The operator removes his foot from the pedal locking the turnspout into position.

ELECTRIC CONTROL - The operator is able to select the spout and outlet position with the press of one button. The control box has a bright backl it displ ay for easy readi ng day or night. Theunithas an auto tuning and self test features for high reliability. The proximity switches provide reliable control over the turnspout*   


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heavy AR liners
  • Kryptane liners
  • Ceramic liners
  • Explosion proof drive motors
  • PLC  Interface
  • Split construction for larger units

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