- Delamination Mill



swissRTec's patented Delamination Mill is specifically designed to liberate metals from their adherents. The Mill was specifically developed for the use in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), and Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) plants. Metals are liberated and ball shaped making their separation from plastic contamination easy. Plastics are size reduced and can be recycled using various post-treatment methods.


As the machine rotates, due to the small clearance between the paddles and the side walls and the rotor's speed, high forces are exterted on the material. This causes delamination and size reduction. This enables metals to be separated from plastics and resins (in the case of WEEE), or different metals to be separated from each other (in the case of AC radiators).

The Delamination Mill when used in the swissRTec WEEE plant configuration allows for very high recovery and purity of non-ferrous metal output.

Machines Advantages:

  • Ideal a variety of composite waste streams
  • Developed for wear-intensive input materials
  • Excellent globular forming of metals
  • Maintenance-friendly, no screwed tooling
  • Rotor changing in a few minutes
  • Overload protection rotor tooling
  • Solid, rugged construction combined with high safety
  • Quick machine installation
  • Easy to integrate in existing plants

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