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- ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) Test Kits


Using the latest ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) technology, these kits contain sufficient material to facilitate two tests (hot & cold sentinel taps) in order to determine the level of microbiological activity in water of a system. Easy to use, they enable water samples to be taken in-house and mailed to the testing facility. A 24-hour turnaround of results provides the manager of the system(s) with the ability to closely monitor their safety. Our testing service also enables the manager to initiate a comprehensive and cost effective in-house monitoring programme in compliance with the AcoP (L8).

Rapid Identification of Bacteria
The Safewater ATP Analysis Service offers a rapid identification of the level of microbial activity in your water system.

Three Easy Steps to microbial activity control
Step One: Take two separate water samples using the sterile tubes
Step Two: Place in special envelope and send off to laboratory
Step Three: Receive report within 24 hours of receipt (emailed or faxed then posted)

The advantages of the Safewater ATP Analysis Service

  • Easy to take sample – anyone can do it following simple instructions
  • Fast and effective water quality monitoring
  • Allows short interval testing for close control of microbial activity
  • Accurate count of all bacteria present at time of sample
  • Cost effective kit contains all you need to take 2 samples and send for analysis
  • Results emailed or faxed and then posted to you within 24 hours of receipt

ATP Technology
Safewater’s ATP analysis uses a recent development in technology, known as bioluminescence, to determine microbiological activity. The method of analysis uses an electronic device which measures adenosine triphosphate or 'ATP’, a molecule with a special energy carrying attribute that is found in all living cells. The analysis is achieved by adding a particular enzyme, which initiates the ATP’s light generating activity (this form of luminescence is the same as that used to great effect by insect species such as the firefly).

Cost Effective and Close Control
ATP water testing provides a cost effective solution to the management of water systems where the requirement is to monitor the water quality on a regular basis. The rapid turn around of results also provides the possibility of short interval testing, resulting in close control of any microbial activity.

Accurate Microbial Identification
The ATP test is also particularly good at identifying the number of bacteria present in the water at the time the sample is taken (even if the analysis is carried out a day or two after the event). This is because the ATP is a highly stable compound that can remain present long after the cell has died.

Easy to Understand Report
By relating the measured degree of Luminosity to the equivalent TVC count, it is possible to report the relative safety of the level of micro biotic activity detected. The Report defines the level of activity using the categories of Excellent Control, Good Control, Alert Situation, and Further Action Urgently Required. The category Further Action Urgently Required does not necessarily mean that Legionella is present, or that it is necessary to test for Legionella, although the specific test for Legionella can be arranged if required.

The samples are taken using the sealable sterile tubes provided and are then returned by post in the specially addressed envelope.

Current HSE Guidance on Testing
It is recommended in the latest Approved Code of Practice L8 (for the control of Legionella in water systems) that sampling should be carried out on a regular basis in order to monitor and ensure water safety (especially where hot water distribution systems are run at below 63° C).

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