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- GIPO Modular On-Site Waste to Energy System


SWPS introduces the patented solution to difficultWETwaste stream on-site destruction with the GIPO™ Modular On-Site Waste to Energy System.  The GIPO™ Modular Core (“ModuCore™”) is a standard 40’ long Hi-Cube container and is ready to destroy up to 20 tons of waste per day up to 85% water content.

The ModuCore system solution may be used by itself to destroy simple waste such as agricultural waste, food processing waste and alcoholic beverage by-product while providing heat, fertilizer, and clean water. A High Water Content (HWC) module is available which allows for feedstock with water content up to 93%!

To provide other useful green products, ModuCore can be paired with optional add-on modules called Application Specific Modules, (“ASM”).  Each ASM is created to target a specific waste market, giving the GIPO ModuCore nearly infinite market applications.

  • WaterPak: This optional add-on module utilizes the waste heat generated by the ModuCore to generate up to 6,000 gallons of clean, potable water per day.
  • PowerPak: This optional add-on module utilizes the waste heat from the ModuCore to produce 50kW of green electricity. The ModuCore utilizes between 25 and 30kW, leaving the remainder to be beneficially utilized.

What is Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ (SWPS) GIPO Technology?

Garbage In – Power Out (GIPO) is a patented gasification technology that converts any carbon-based waste (wet or dry) into three components: Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon gas mixture, water, and ash.  The high potential energy of the hydrogen/hydrocarbon gas mixture that is made available through the GIPO process allows the transformation of  Agricultural Waste, Brewers and distiller waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Municipal Waste Water and Sewage Sludge, Medical Waste, and any other carbon-based waste into usable energy. GIPO is not only a technology but mindset that we use at SWPS.  It means that efficiency and power generation are equally as important as waste destruction.  Many of our competitors in the field focus on either waste destruction with some power generation, or power generation with a small amount of waste destruction.  It is also the reason that we can boast an ultra-small-scale regulated medical waste destruction cost as low as $675/ton, and can produce over 2MW-hr per ton of MSW in a municipal scale plant.  Other gasification technologies are targeting to produce less than half of this electricity.

How does it work?
The main stumbling block other gasification technologies struggle with is how to handle the water contained in waste. These technologies either have to only accept dry waste or spend enormous amounts of energy to remove the water before proceeding to gasification. GIPO Technology embraces the water, and uses the water contained in the waste to convert it. There is no drying or venting of material from the system. This means two very important things:

There is no venting of harmful or odorous vapors or gasses
There is no loss of efficiency from drying material
By processing the material in this way, we are also changing the world of gasification by leveraging the carbon content of the waste materials to produce the maximum amount of fuel energy possible. This means a paradigm shift in the industry in that GIPO Technology is able to use the carbon in the feedstock to strip Hydrogen from water to create more fuel power per ton than would be available if it was simply incinerated. We call this effect “Carbon Leveraged Fuel Enrichment”.

For example, the system is capable of converting Municipal Solid Waste, with a heating value of roughly 7-10 MMBTU/ton into fuel gas of 18.55 MMBTU per ton intake. This allows SWPS to boast the highest electrical conversion efficiency by gasification in the world.

What are the economic impacts?
While the capital cost of the system is generally higher than most other systems, the life cycle cost analysis is staggeringly beneficial to the owners of these systems. On a small scale, the medical waste destruction system by SWPS (“SaniVert”) can process waste for roughly $675/ton. The current cost of medical waste destruction in the US averages $800 per ton, and in the NY Metro Area is between $1200 and $2000 per ton. A local GIPO technology waste destruction system significantly reduces truck traffic, reduces risk of infectious waste release, and reduces land fill volumes. In addition, heat (i.e. energy) is available for use by the facility.

On a large scale, SWPS can demonstrate that a GIPO plant would provide a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of less than $0.05/kW-hr, which is competitive with solar, wind, and even natural gas and coal.

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