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- Model H range - Progressing Cavity Pumps


A range of Hygenic & food grade pumps for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Available in polished stainless steel with optional CIP ports and FDA approved materials. We supply hygienic pumps, specifically designed to satisfy the most rigorous requirements, and to avoid product contamination and spoiling. Cleaning: Manufactured free of any stagnation areas, the H range is available with clean in place system (CIP) and bypass ports.

Viscous Products: For concentrated highly viscous liquids, our hygienic models can work at slow speeds, and can be manufactured with enlarged inlets, or with a hopper and an auger to convey the material into the pump.

Shear Sensitive Liquids: The pumped product is always transferred gently. The progressing cavity pump principle is inherently 'low-shear', and there are no sudden changes in fluid which would otherwise damage the product.

Material Selection: We manufacture all of the most important components of our pumps ourselves, enabling us to maintain total control over the quality of the final product

Connection Fittings

  • RJT
  • Din 11851
  • Triclamp
  • SMS

Baseplate Options:

  • 304L stainless steel
  • 304L stainless steel with adjustable feet
  • Trolley mounted


  • Full hygienic version - open pin joints
  • Food grade oil lubricated joints
  • Auger feed for high-viscousities
  • Multi-stage, high pressure


  • CIP ports
  • Stainless steel stator cover
  • Stainless steel motor cover
  • Variable speed drive

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