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Syncronised Intense Light & Sound (SILAS) Systems


SILAS systems synchronise the flash of a High Intensity Light with the standard signal from an acoustic system to provide an enhanced deflection stimulus, suitable for a wide variety of fish species. As well as enhancing the deflection effect for the majority of fish species, the High Intensity Lights of a SILAS system provide the added advantage of deflecting eels, which are not sensitive to acoustic systems. The SILAS technology can be provided for small scale applications by combining FGS’s High Intensity Light Panels or Light Bars with FGS’s 15-100 Sound Projectors.

For large scale applications FGS’s High Intensity Light Rings are incorporated with the FGS MkIII 30-600 Sound Projectors, which contain specially designed amplification and monitoring modules with bespoke software. These, combined with additional Power and Communication Hubs that connect to a number of Sound Projectors, are used to provide the required synchronised signal.

The Control Equipment incorporates additional bespoke software, tailored to an individual intake and client’s requirements, and this is used to operate the system as well as monitor the status of all the individual components. When required the system can be operated and monitored remotely via an internet link, and an additional feature enables regulators to review the status of a system to confirm it is operating correctly.

When internet access is supplied FGS is able to provide a monitoring service to ensure any faults are identified immediately and can work with a client to provide support as and when required, either as part of a routine maintenance programme, or by providing emergency support on critical installations.

SILAS is the subject of a number of patent applications in many countries worldwide which includes British Patent No. 2469603

FGS SILAS Systems comprise of the following components:

  • FGS SILAS Control Unit
  • FGS Power Supply Units
  • Control Equipment Enclosure
  • FGS Hub Junction Boxes
  • Interconnecting Cables and Underwater Connectors
  • FGS Mk III 30-600 Sound Projectors
  • FGS Mk III High Intensity Light Rings
  • Sound Projector Deployment System

FGS SILAS Control Unit

The Main System Control Unit is a computer controlled unit that both controls and reports upon the operation of the whole system. It provides a continuous status report on the condition of the system, and via its touch sensitive screen enables the operation of the Sound Projectors to be controlled.

The Control Unit will provide an alarm in the event of a fault occurring and if access is provided to the internet, then the system can be monitored remotely, which aids with the maintenance of the system, and can also provide reassure to the Regulators and other authorities that the system is operating correctly.

FGS Power Supply Units

Two versions of the Power Supply Unit are available from FGS to provide the power supply for the System. The Model 3000 Power Supply Unit can provide power for up to 12 Sound Projectors, while the Model 1500 Power Supply Unit can provide power for up to six Sound Projectors.

The most appropriate Power Supply Unit for a system is dependent upon the number of Sound Projectors that need to be powered, the distance of the Control Equipment from the intake, and the operational requirements of the system.

Control Equipment Enclosure

The SILAS Control Unit and Power Supply Units form the Control Equipment of the system. The Control Equipment is typically housed in an air conditioned enclosure, or a Control Equipment Enclosure within an air conditioned plant room.

FGS Hub Junction Boxes

The other items of the system are: The Hub Junction Boxes act as the link between the Main System Control Unit and the Sound Projectors. The Hubs can be mounted either above or below water. The standard Hub can provide the link to a maximum of six Sound Projectors.

Interconnecting Cables and Underwater Connectors

Typically monitoring cables run from the SILAS™ Control Unit to each of the Hub Junction Boxes, in a daisy chain, while Power Cables run separately from the Control Equipment Power Supply Units to each of the Hubs. ‘Flying Leads’ link each Sound Projector to the Hub. All of the cables supplied by FGS are underwater grade cables, and use underwater mateable connectors.

FGS Mk III 30-600 Sound Projectors

The acoustic system uses FGS MkIII 30-600 Sound Projectors, which are designed for large-scale installations. The amplifier and associated electronics that previously formed part of the Control Equipment in the MkII system have been miniaturised down in size and are now incorporated in the MkIII Sound Projectors. This has significantly cut down on the space needed for the Control Equipment, as well as reducing the number of cables required to operate the system.

FGS Mk III High Intensity Light Rings

The High Intensity Lights supplied with the MkIII Sound Projector are based upon LED technology and provide a brilliant white light to deflect the fish.

Sound Projector Deployment System

The deployment system for the Sound Projectors is usually designed to fit in with the physical constraints associated with the intake, and also the operational requirements of the system. Deployment systems may take many forms ranging from a simple rail to a custom made structure.

Additional Notes

The Mk III SILAS system can be supplied without lights for sites where routine cleaning of the High Intensity Lights is not practical. This provides a SPA system, but with the control and diagnostic monitoring provided by the SILAS technology.

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