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- Model GC955 Series 600 - Trapping System



The GC955 600 is suitable for measurement of hydrocarbons in the ppt to ppb range. It is made for the measurement of hydrocarbons in the boiling point range from 50 oC up to 250 oC. GC955 series 600 has a trapping system running at room temperature and a capillary column in an temperature programmed oven. We produce this model since 1998, for several very important applications. The detector is either a PID, an FID or a combination of both. The capillary column is normally 15 or 30 m long. The preconcentration trap will be filled with one of the standard absorbtion materials.

Certain GC955 601 versions are available as certified analyzer according to the following standards:

  • EN 14662-3: 2015
  • EN 15267-1: 2009
  • EN 15267-2: 2009
  • VDI-Guideline 4202 Part 1: 2010
  • VDI-Guideline 4203 Part 3: 2010

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