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- Model GC955 Series 800 - Peltier Cooled Trapping System



The Syntech Spectras GC955 800 is suitable for measurement of low boiling hydrocarbons in the ppt to ppb range. It is made for the measurement of hydrocarbons in the boiling point range from -70 oC up to 50 oC. To achieve good separation we choose capillary columns with strong separation capacities, with a stripper pre-column to remove higher boiling hydrocarbons. The detector is either a PID, and FID or a combination of both. GC955 series 800 has a Peltier cooled trapping system running at a temperature down to 5 oC or lower filled with a suitable strongly absorbing material. In 2014 we have a new version for the cooling that enables to sample also with the trap running below 0 oC. The trapping of C2 compounds is then improved!. Good sample conditioning is essential for this new feature.

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