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Combining plentiful domestic feedstocks with Accelergy’s synthetic fuel process offers a fuel that reduces dependence on imported oil and, in many cases, meets or exceeds the requirements for low carbon fuels.

Consider these facts about domestically sourced synthetic fuels:

  • Abundant Supply: Our target markets, the United States and China, are rich in abundant natural resources that can be converted into synthetic fuels. For example, the shale gas revolution in the United States has unlocked tremendous natural gas reserves that could provide all of transportation fuel America needs for at least the foreseeable future. Additionally, there are significant supplies of renewable biomass and coal feedstocks that can provide a clean, secure energy future for generations to come.
  • Environmental Benefits: Combining our proven synthetic fuel conversion technologies with TerraSync®, our proprietary terrestrial CO2 capture and recycle technology, Accelergy can produce fuels with a smaller carbon footprint than fuels produced from traditional petroleum refining. In fact, Accelergy can tailor TerraSync® to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than is generated from the production and combustion of the fuels we produce.
  • Reliable Sources: Natural gas and coal currently provide the US with more than three-quarters of its electricity. Using advanced exploration and production technologies, new and increasing reserves of natural gas have been found, dramatically extending the proven reserves in the US. Additionally, our biomass feedstocks can be grown domestically on land deemed unsuitable for food crop cultivation.

Accelergy is commercializing the leading next-generation synthetic fuel production technologies with high overall thermal efficiency, a reduced greenhouse gas footprint and lower unit costs than current refining methods. Our proprietary processes convert natural gas, biomass or coal into a range of low carbon fuels from gasoline to diesel to high performance synthetic jet fuel.

About Gas-to-Liquids
Accelergy deploys industry leading gas-to-liquid technologies coupled with our proprietary TerraSync carbon capture and recycle technologies to produce economical low carbon gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. First we convert natural gas to a simple alcohol, methanol, which can then be converted into synthetic gasoline or sold as a chemical plant feedstock. Having two relatively independent markets provides the flexibility to maximize the profitability of our projects based on market conditions. Both the methanol and gasoline produced from our process meet all of the industry standards and are truly a drop-in replacement. No complicated and costly upgrading or expensive distribution infrastructure is required.

About TerraSync®
TerraSync®, the proprietary biological carbon capture and recycle technology developed by Accelergy, is a highly disruptive, cost-effective method for CO2 mitigation. The TerraSync® process begins with the CO2 produced from our liquids production technology. The CO2 passes through a photo bioreactor that is growing concentrated algae. The algae is derived from locally available cyanobacteria, harvested from soils adjacent to the facility. Once the growth cycle is complete, the algae is blended with proprietary additives to produce a bio-fertilizer which is then distributed on crops, continuing to capture CO2from the atmosphere as it grows. The additional capture of CO2 is the power behind the TerraSync® system. For every ton of CO2 processed in the photo bioreactor, many additional tons of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere on a life cycle basis. The leveraging effect of the process is a low cost CO2 mitigation solution that allows our fuels to meet many low carbon fuel requirements.

About Coal-to-Liquid
Accelergy owns the most efficient proprietary technology for the conversion of coal into high value transportation liquids. Microcatalytic® Direct Liquefaction technology, initially developed by a global energy company, produces fuels more efficiently and with greatly reduced capital requirements than fuels produced by the Fischer-Tropsch process. Microcatalytic Direct Liquefaction has been proven on a commercial scale and is currently being demonstrated on Chinese coal in a pilot facility in Beijing. Accelergy is advancing the approval process for a large scale diesel fuels production facility to be located in Erdos, Inner Mongolia Province, China.

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