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SyreN+ is an ideal management system for application of slurry. Through a unique process control, the addition of N, P, K and S can be managed automatic and individual on the fly, resulting in a unique fertilizer formula pr. field and crop.

Summed up, the farmer will realise a net saving on fertilizer purchases and operational expense in fertilizer application cost. The environment is protected from ammonia emissions, whereby especially biodiversity and the aquatic environment benefits. Reduction in emissions of climate gasses are achieved through an optimisation of the organic fertilizers and thus, reduced production and use of mineral fertilizers. Also, a considerable amount of CO2 is captured and stored as increased yield. Air particle pollution is reduced with a potential corresponding to the collective emission from all road traffic. Leaching of nutrients to the ground water is seriously reduced as well as pathogen from slurry. A new value added chain for slurry, may eliminate the need for import of phosphorus to agriculture.

Perspective for SyreN+
When farmers use slurry as plant nutrition source, the plant need for macro nutrition is normally covered except for nitrogen and sulphur. Normally additional fertilizer is therefor applied through a second application of fossil based N and S fertilizer. With the SyreN-system, it is possible to add sulphur to the slurry through dosing sulphuric acid direct into the slurry during application. Normally 1-3 litres of acid are used pr. m3 slurry, which covers the plant need for sulphur. This reduces the slurry pH value and results in a 40-60% reduced ammonia emission from the slurry. With use of the SyreN system, plants need only a reduced amount of nitrogen as a second application.

It is thus, a huge advantage to be able to adjust the nitrogen contend of the slurry, so a second spreading with a conventional fertilizer spreader can be avoided. Equipment for such adjustments of nitrogen contend in slurry is called SyreN+. A traditional slurry tanker is not equipped to include conventional fertilizer and the tanker must be redesigned (figure 1). An obvious choice for nitrogen is liquid ammonia, as it is very concentrated. However, it must be stored in a pressure tank. SyreN+ has an integrated ammonia pressure tank in the slurry tank. It is a very safe positioning of the pressure tank and also very easily accessible for refilling. The ammonia pressure tank is inserted into a tube in the slurry tank and can easily be taken out for yearly inspection. The insertion tube is supported inside the slurry tank and bolted on to the rear of the slurry tanker. This design makes it possible to completely demount the SyreN+ system if the slurry tanker is to be used without SyreN+ for a period of time. The ammonia pressure tank can be of different size dependant on slurry tanker and use. The dose rate of ammonia is controlled from the SyreN ISOBus software system that integrates itself into the tractor terminal and a dose rate of 1 – 3 kg pr. m3 should fulfil the plant need for N fertilizer. The injector is placed in the slurry tanker return system.

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