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Model T-Daq - Miniature Thermocouple Scanner



The Chell T-Daq is an intelligent, compact and high accuracy temperature scanner that multiplexes 8 thermocouple inputs into a single output. The electrical interface is exactly the same as the Pressure Systems DTC pressure scanners. The I-Daq can therefore be purchased with the Chell CANdaq or QUADdaq to provide a complete acquisition system. Alternatively, the I-Daq can be substituted for a pressure scanner in an existing DTC system to provide additional temperature measurements. When used with the QUADdaq, the T-Daq can be used in conjunction with the pressure scanners and the Chell I-Daq to provide a multi-input acquisition system.

The T-Daq features an internal EEPROM that contains the configuration of the T-Daq and its calibration coefficients. When connected to the acquisition system, the T-Daq’s coefficients will be uploaded so that an engineering unit temperature output can be generated. Re-calibration is a simple matter of reprogramming the EPROM and can be done off-line. The T-Daq can be calibrated for a number of different thermocouple types. The type used can then be selected with links in the mating Omega connector.

  • Acquires K and E type thermocouples
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5 DegC
  • Compatible with any intelligent pressure scanner acquisition system.*
  • On board EPROM contains calibration coefficients.
  • Can be in-field reconfigured for different thermocouple types.
  • Up to 1250Hz per channel acquisition speed.
  • Can be used with other Chell products as part of a miniature acquisition system.

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