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- Model NexGen-SSS - Drinking Water Radiation Safety Monitor



Model NEXGEN-SSS is a multi-detector water monitor /controller for simultaneous measuring of alpha, beta and gamma-emitting radio nuclides. The electronics are microprocessor with color LCD display. The pre-amps are plug in modules allowing change or addition of functions at a later date, and allow rapid repair by module replacement in the field. The modular system is covered by TA's unique exchange warranty system in addition to the full one year warranty. On-site warrantees available in many areas.

Detector shields are made of lead encased in welded housing for long useful life and easy decontamination. The alpha and beta flow cells are easily changed via disconnect fittings. Gamma Spec shield can be opened for cleaning with minimum effort. All connections are sealed against leaks. The standard water moving system is based on a high precision pump. It has a 10 liter per minute capacity.

A wide range of pump capacities are available to meet users specific needs. The entire system is mounted in a wheeled, self-contained rugged cabinet. The NEXGEN-SSS comes complete with all cabling tubing and connectors in place and is ready to operate. 115 Volt 60Hz is standard; 220 Volt 50/60 Hz is optional.

Three principal detectors make up the NEXGEN-SSS system.

Alpha Detector: A special plastic Alpha scintillator that consists of a light-tight detector assembly interfaces with the sample via quick disconnect coax cables and medical grade hoses. A matched pair of 5'' diameter photo-multiplier tubes display the sample.

Beta Scintillation detectors with 1,100cm2 sensitive area.

The Alpha, Beta pulse analysis portion of this system conditions and analyzes the output from the photo-multiplier tubes by pulse height, duration and coincidence. Thereby permitting the system to eliminate counting most background and noise counts. Sensitivity is enhanced by the use of stochastic resonance plus high gain, low noise PM tubes and pre-amps.

The water is measured for Gamma-emitter content, using a MCA analyzer with greater than 1,000 channels. The energy range is user settable. For example the MCA can be set for Gamma energy of 10 KeV to 3 MeV.

Isotope Identification System
Peak Detection and Isotope Identification
TA Smart-Peak Software detects radiation peaks even at very low gamma concentration, In the event of high activity and during system calibration; the isotope identifier function takes over and displays the exact radioactive nuclides in water.

Gamma Detector: Water is measured for Gamma-emitter content, using a MCA analyzer with greater than 1,000 channels and a user setter energy range. For example the MCA can be set for Gamma energy of 10 KeV to 3 MeV.

In each peak or area of interest, the net counts are automatically converted to concentration units, of picoCuries/liter (using the detector efficiencies automatically measured and stored previously by NEXGEN-SEA semi-automatic self- calibration procedure).

The concentration and total activity released and MDA levels are continuously calculated and recorded. This real time information will alert the notification system. Also, all data is saved to the hard drive in spreadsheet format.

Historical data is easily displayed on-screen (and/or printed out on the optional printer) in tabular or graphical format, showing quantitative information as well as trends. Data is recorded frequently so timeresolution is excellent.

Ethernet and USB ports (with security) make it easy to archive and further analyze data.

Continuous, Reliable Data – YES, False Alarms – NO

Our newest systems have multiple layers of protections and redundancy in both the software and the
physical act of reporting an alarm, that prevent false alarms. This includes an alarm voting system so that alarms will come on only if all the data is consistent and conclusive The data is continuously recorded to allow human interpretation.

Each alarm activates fail-safe relays. Relay contacts are available to user to operate external devices.

Triggered Aliquot: This feature automatically collects and stores a small water sample for independent analysis whenever an alarm or event of interest occurs.

  • UV Lamp: Used on inlet as algae-cide.
  • OPTIONAL: Ozone System

3 GHz Computer Includes:

  • 3 GHz Processor, 600 Gig Hard Drive, 4 GIG Ram 15'' LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  • USB Ports 10 Channel Data Acquisition Board, All
  • Cables


  • Full Graphics Printer, color + B/W Ethernet for hook up to your LAN
  • Windows Specific Software for Alpha, Beta, Gamma Counting.
  • Software is easily customized by user for special needs.
  • Data from the 1024 channel MCA- multi-channel analyzer
  • Port: Full SCADA compatibility

Optional: MODBUS or DNP3 or other protocols

  • World’s only pag-level αβγ water monitor measures at or below EPA/DHS PAG levels

Protective action guideline levels and military drinking water limits

  • Real time, in-line, continuous
  • Detects alphas, betas and gammas
  • Isotope identification
  • No reagent tanks to fill
  • No waste stream
  • Easy calibration
  • Prevent acute health effects; reduce risk of chronic exposure
  • Full SCADA or MODBUS compatibility
  • Easy integration into central control system
  • Optional tritium detector

  • Monitor drinking water against any & all Radioactive contaminants
  • Monitor for contamination in ground or surface water
  • Monitor liquid-waste-stream from laboratory or plant



  • Drinking water sources are vulnerable to accidental or knowing contamination by individuals, groups, industry, medical labs, terrorists, and from naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM).
  • As yet very few water districts have real-time radiation monitors in place to protect the water and the public.

For the first time in a Continuous Real-Time Water Monitor the Model NEXGEN-SSS solves this problem; continuously monitoring water using alpha, beta and gamma detectors. Detector data is analyzed and displayed in units of picoCuries per liter. Calculations are updated every 2 minutes, every hour and every day. The longer update times correspond with greater precision and increased sensitivity. Sensitivities in the daily updates each meet or exceed the DHS protective Action Guideline Levels for drinking water.

Using TA Tried and True sample collection & measurement technology these detectors measure alpha, beta and gamma from any radioactive liquids.

Measurements of radiation concentration and total discharge are logged 24 hr/day, 7 day/week.

  • System Flow Rate:
    • Standard Main Flow: 10 l/minute
    • Alpha - Tritium Flow: 100 ml/minute
  • Optional: Very wide range of flow rates is available
    • Sample temperature standard: Up to 80° F liquid. (OPTIONAL to higher temperatures)
    • Ambient temperature: 65 - 100 ° F (wider temperatures ranges OPTIONAL)
  • Optional: Cooler Model Cool-33 for detector & sample is used in case of higher sample or ambient temperatures.
  • Size And Weight:
    • Dimensions: One cabinet: 34'' wide X 31'' deep X 72'' high including wheels
    • Wheels: 5'' dia, high capacity, rugged wheels with lock & rubber tires.
    • Shipping Weight: Standard unit: 380kg - excluding shielding

Note: Lead Shot for shielding can be shipped with or stripped separately or overseas customers may wish to buy lead shot locally.

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