- Model TACMET II - Weather Sensor for UAV Ground Control Systems

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Climatronics - Model TACMET II - Weather Sensor for UAV Ground Control Systems

Climatronics' TACMET II Weather Sensor, P/N 102304, is used to provide local weather conditions for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in locations where the existing infrastructure does not provide this data. The TACMET II incorporates Climatronics' unique folded-path, low-power sonic anemometer, the Sonimometer™, with a temperature sensor, a fast-response capacitive relative humidity sensor, and a flux-gate compass. An on-board microprocessor provides a digital output message: RS-232C is standard; RS-485 is available as an option. Special output formats are also available to interface with any GCS data input requirement.



Preserving much of the compact size and weight, low power, and reliability of its predecessor, the TACMET II is available with optional barometric pressure sensors, which have accuracies ranging from±1.50hPato±0.40hPa. The TACMET II wind direction data will automatically be oriented to magnetic North with the internal flux gate compass.

The TACMET II weather sensor is designed for maximum durability, portability, and utility, making it uniquely applicable for rapid deployment and use by one person under adverse conditions. The sensor may be mounted on a tripod or vehicle mast, and an optional internal spread spectrum radio module allows for remote location of the weather sensor.

The TACMET II weather sensor is supported by a number of accessories, including: carrying cases; hand-held displays; compact, lightweight tripods; and, depot repair and calibration fixtures.The TACMET II weather sensor has an aluminum housing and special filtering for EMI/RFI resistance.


  • Sonimometer Wind Sensor
  • Fast Response Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Flux-Gate Compass
  • Internal Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Digital Output

Systems Used for Air Traffic Control

  • Mobile Tactical Meteorological System : Canada Department of National Defence
  • Remote Landing Site Tower (RLST; AN/TSQ-216) : US Navy (Sierra Nevada)
  • Air Traffic Control Central (AN/TSQ-120B) (upgrade) : US Navy
  • Meteorology and Oceanography Integrated Data Display System - Tactical (MIDDS-T) : US Navy
  • Tactical Terminal Control System (TTCS, AN/TSQ-198) Meteorological : US Navy
  • Sensor Upgrade, and Mobile Tower System (MOTS, AN/MSQ-135) : US Army
  • Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) : US Air Force (Lockheed Martin)
  • Surface Wind Sensor Replacement : US Air Force Reserve; Johnstown, PA
  • Tower Restoral Vehicle (TRV, AN/MSN-7) Weather Sensor Upgrade ; US Air Force
  • RQ-7 Shadow 200 UAV Ground Control System MQ-1C Sky Warrior ER/MP : US Army
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