AS Tamult Bioenergy

AS Tamult Bioenergy

- Mechanized Push Floors Storages for Bulk Materials



Push Floors are designed to use with difficult non-free flowing bulk solids and is therefore mainly suitable for the timber and wood board industries, cement industry as well as for sludge cake handling in the water industry and etc. The Push Floor discharger is especially suitable for handling heavy, wet and generally non-free flowing bulk solid materials.


The Push Floor is an original discharge design for square and rectangular bunkers. Push Floors can be fabricated in many different configurations to suit the client's particular requirement. Reliable and accurate metering can be achieved on demand.

Hydraulic Push Floors can be installed into concrete building or steel bunker. Material feeding and discharging can be done from different sides of Push Floor – edges, sides, upper, bottom, centers. The Push Floor can also be used as a „drive-in“, tip and leave machine or indeed as a stock-pile reclaimer.

Push Floor is driven by hydraulic system that moves a number of parallel pusher frames or „ladders“ in reciprocating motion across the bunker flat floor. As it does so it digs the stored bulk solid material from the bunker and delivers it into screw, conveyor or other machines. At one side of Push Floor is hydraulic station and cylinders section.

For preventing foreign measures materials and smoothing discharge flow, there are used leveling rolls and stop-tubes.

Design possibilities:

  • push frames length up to 20 m.
  • width: as much as possible of parallel pusher frames
  • maximum economic storage capacity is generally 1500 m3
  • modular design as extra pusher frames can be added later if required by the client
  • Push Floor can be retro fitted into the client's existing bunker to overcome bridging problems

Solid biofuels (biomass) storages/silos.

Automatically working mechanized Push Floor solid biofuel silo is designed for non-free flowing fuels like wood chips, bark, recycled wood, sawdust and sod peat. From silo fuel is pushed or pulled into the transport conveyor or screw that transports fuel further into the combustion plant.

Fuel can be unloaded to silo directly from trucks, tractors, frontal loaders, or pneumatic transport cyclone. Automatic cranes can be used to transport fuel directly into the plant or to storage in silo. Cranes are used with larger silo volumes alone or with push floors.

Silos can be built depending on client's requirements and fuel transport conditions under or upper ground. Silo mechanized volume depends on combustion plant capacity and necessary reserve suitable for client and logistics.

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