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- Model 6Deco - Smart Drum Screen



A smart drum screen that optimises your processes. Twin scales measure the production of coarse and fine grain in real time. ProTrack enables remote monitoring of operations. Presettings for processing different materials. Shredder and screen can be linked and monitored together with Tana’s revolutionary Smart Site system. Wheeled loaders and other machinery can also be linked to Smart Site. Precise information about tonnage, utilisation, costs and results. Smart technology enables entire process to be analysed and streamlined.


A smart drum screen that is reliable 24/7

  • Tana has extensive experience in the design and production of compactors and shredders
  • Fully hydrostatic transmission
  • Straightforward design with just two hydraulic pumps
  • Smart technology enables preventive maintenance
  • Rotating fan keeps radiator clean
  • Components by first-rate suppliers (Cummins, Parker, Sauer-Danfoss)

A smart drum screen that increases your capacity

  • Large screening area: the drum is 5.5 metres long and 2.2 metres in diameter
  • Drum and all conveyor belts can be adjusted electronically and independently of each other
  • Load-sensing hydraulics lower fuel consumption
  • Drum can be changed rapidly
  • Even smaller machinery can be used to feed the drum: the height of the hopper is just 2800 mm
  • The drum saves fuel by turning itself off automatically if not fed for an extended period

A smart drum that is designed for easy use and maintenance

  • Roadworthiness standard (approval pending)
  • Easy to service with good access to maintenance areas and maintenance kits available
  • Preset parameters make it easy for new users to operate and to change the material to be screened

A smart drum that eliminates risks

  • No mechanical switches whatsoever, just an electronic control panel with a colour screen
  • Pressure sensors protect against potential damage
  • No loose chains, just a quiet cogwheel
  • Data security ensured, as the user can decide who has access to the information


  • Weight: 17000 kg
  • Transportation dimensions (L x W x H) 12050 x 2540 x 4000 mm
  • Operating dimensions (L x W x H) 15300 x 6960 x 4000 mm


  • Turbocharged four-cylinder Cummins QSB3.3 (Tier 4 Interim-Stage 3B)
  • 82 kW / 110 hp
  • Fuel tank capacity: 320 litres


  • Capacity with sides down: 2.7 m3, with sides up: 6.7 m3
  • Loading height with sides down: 2800 mm, with sides up: 3500 mm

Drum screen

  • Length: 5500 mm, diameter: 2200 mm
  • Adjustable rotation speed: 0–20 rpm

Cleaning brushes

  • Number of brush discs: 80
  • Diameter of brush discs: 600 mm
  • Interchangeable brush discs
  • Hydraulically moveable and stepless adjustment of distance
  • Free spinning

Conveyor belts

  • Width 1000 mm (drum conveyor 1050 mm). Powered by the end roll


  • 2 hydraulic pumps
  • Closed circuit 45 cc pump rotates the drum
  • Open circuit 130 cc pump controls:
    • Support legs
    • Conveyors
    • Cleaning brushes
    • Hopper
    • Drum screen (raising and lowering)
  • Hydraulic fluid capacity: 218 litres
  • Speed of conveyor belts can be adjusted independently
  • All conveyor belts can be operated in both directions

Electrics and electronics

  • Scale on both fine and coarse grain conveyors
  • TCS control and monitoring system
  • Functions controlled via CAN bus
  • Colour screen on control panel
  • ProTrack remote monitoring of operations
  • Batteries: 2 x 12 V, 95 aH

Central axle trailer

  • EC type approval (pending)
  • Leaf-spring tandem axle
  • ABS pneumatic brakes

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