Tana Oy

- Model E520eco - Landfill Compactor (Tier 4 Final)



Weight: 52 000 kg. Total length: 9 230mm. Total width: 5 000 mm. Total height: 4 320 mm. Wheel base: 4 050 mm. Ground clearance: 890 mm. Length without dozer blade: 7 430 mm. Width without dozer blade: 4 390 mm. Inside turning radius: 3 310 mm. Driving speed ranges: 0-5 km/h 0-7 km/h. Maximum crushing force: 255 kN.

The Most Productive Compactor on the Market

Unique design:

  • Twin drums Fewer passes, smooth and dense surface
  • Rigid frame Best crushing force
  • Crushing teeth Optimized size, shape and number for optimized spreading and crushing of waste
  • Tana Smart Site Basic To minimize downtime and improve cost analysis

Compactions Drums
Uniform full width drums with forged solid steel crushing teeth. Adjustable scraper bars on both sides of the drums and adjustable steel wire cutters in the ends of drums.
Front/rear drum

  • Crushing/compaction width: 3 800 mm/3 800 mm
  • Diameter including crushing teeth1620 mm/1620 mm
  • Number of crushing teeth110 pcs/110 pes
  • Height of crushing teeth200 mm/200 mm
  • Number of scraper bars: 20 pcs/20 pes
  • Number of wire cutters: 2 pcs/4 pes

Dozer Blade
The dozer blade is operated with two hydraulic cylinders and it is equipped with two arms. Arm joints are with hardened pins and spherical bearings.

  • Width:5 000 mm
  • Height:1 960 mm
  • Movement above ground level: 1 230 mm
  • Movement below ground level140 mm
  • Upper part of blade: trash screen
  • Bolt-mounted reversible cutting edges

The frame is constructed of two modular drum frames connected together with a longitudinal upper frame. The drum frame acts as a shell around the drum, which helps to prevent waste raising to the upper parts of the machine from below.
The upper frame is equipped with center point articulated steering operated with two hydraulic cylinders.

  • Articulation links are equipped with hardened pins and spherical
  • steel bearings
  • The angle of articulation to the left or right is 40 degrees

Service Platforms and Protection
Service platforms and steps are equipped with banisters and anti-slide surfaces. Engine and powerpack are protected with lockable hood (bonnet). Opening of hood is made easier by using wind hooks.

Vandalism Protection

  • Lockable cabin, engine compartment and fuel tank filling cap
  • Electronic key for ignition

Cummins QSX15-C535

  • Turbo charged, 6 cylinders in line, water-cooled, after-cooled, four-stroke diesel engine
  • Fulfills U.S. EPA Tier 4 (f), CARB Tier 4 and EU Stage IV non-road emission certificates
  • Maximum power: 580 BHP (433kW)/1800 RPM
  • Power rating: 535 BHP (399kW)/2100 RPM
  • Maximum torque: 2644 Nm (1950 lb-ft)/1400 RPM

Engine equipment

  • Attachment to the frame with vibration and noise damping rubber mounts
  • Service indicator
  • Dry-type air cleaner with replaceable primary and safety element
  • Fuel filter and water separator
  • Oil filter
  • Radiator + separate charge air cooler
  • Aftertreatment system

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