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- Model 1310 EH - Round Bale Wrapper


The new 1310 EH rear-linked or loader mounted round bale wrapper is robustly built, but still only weighs 655 kgs, making it suitable for most tractors and material handling machines.  The wrapper includes fully automatic electronic control, allowing operation from within the tractor cab or through the remote control.  High performance, low maintenance, compact size, versatile fitting and application make this agricultural wrapping machine appropriate for both farmers and contractors.

The new 1310 EH uses a unique wrapping system that wraps and stacks in one process - vastly reducing time, labour and equipment.  Once the bale is loaded, the wrapping cycle starts immediately.  Once the operator arrives at the stack, they simply drop the bale into position on the stack.  A stack of round bales one to three high can be completed with this wrapper.  
This system eliminates the need for a bale handler to stack the bales and an extra tractor/power pack to operate a wrapper.  The satellite wrapping arm allows for proficient film application that expels air from inside the wrapping sequence.  The simple, but effective design of the end tip kit allows for the bale to be dropped onto its flat side when unloading.

  • Rear and Front Linkage & Loader Mounting Bale Wrapper
  • RDS Expert Controller
  • End Tip Kit - optional
  • Speed Control Valve
  • Dual Stretch Dispenser (70% & 55%)
  • Film Changeover
  • Film Adaptor - optional
  • Bale Stop Roller
  • Hydraulic Cut & Start
  • One Single Acting Hydraulic Connection
  • Autostop
  • Dispenser Gears (33%) - optional
  • Two independent driven rollers ensure smooth, consistent rotation
  • 1.5m Bale Kit - optional
  • Ground Support Roller - optional
  • Loader Quick Attach Bracket - optional

Standard Equipment


RDS Expert Controller 

RDS Expert Series allows full automation of bale wrapper as all functions are controlled through electro-hydraulic valves.

Speed Control Valve

The control valve allows the operator to adjust the speed of the satellite arm ensuring an accurate overlap.

Dual Stretch Dispenser

Aluminium dispenser maintains consistent stretch as well as allowing a quick changeover of stretch levels from 55% to 70%.

Film Changeover

Film rolls can be easily loaded into dispenser unit with unique locking mechanism, saving time and effort.

Bale Stop Roller

This acts as a bale stop when loading.  During wrapping, this ensures the bale stays in the same position when being rotated. 

Cut & Start

Hydraulic cut & start unit holds the film at the beginning of the wrapping cycle and cuts it at the end.


The bale wrapper runs through the wrapping cycle and automatically finishes after a set number of rotations, ready for off loading.

Double Driven Rollers

Both rollers are independently motor driven to ensure a consistent rotation of the bale.


Optional Equipment

End Tip Kit

Allows for the silage bale to be dropped onto its flat side when unloading.

Film Adaptor

Extension for using 500mm plastic.  

Bale Stop Roller (Second)

Additional silage bale support that is ideal for working on sloped or hilly ground.  Also recommended for front loader mounted machines.

Dispenser Gears (33%)

Dispenser gears to allow 33% stretch level.

Ground Support Roller

Keeps wrapper clear of contact with the ground (eliminates soil contamination). Dramatically increases overall stability of machine especially on sloped areas and for smaller tractors.

Loader Quick Attach Bracket

Required for front loader mounted wrappers. Simple quick fit mechanism. Suitable for most modern loader attachments. 

Controller Cable Extension (4m/6m)

Additional cable required for front loader mounting wrappers where the standard cable from wrapper will not reach.

Load Sensing / High Flow Valve

For front loader mounted wrappers where additional load sensing valve is required.

Rotate After Wrap Arm

Once the bale is wrapped the bale can be rotated (length of rotation time set by operator).

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