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Stockage & Systèmes

Tank and Retention Water Treatment Plant Pack



The range from 1 to 15 m3. 100% UV stabilized PEHD storage tank, made by plate polyfusion: 1 flat bottom. 1 conical dome. 1 Ø500 mm manhole. 1 DN100 Ø110 protected vent. 1 visual float gauge. 1 graduated ruler. 1 bistable contact inverter gauge (very high level). 1 PE/PVC DN50 Ø63 union tap on the dome (for filling). 1 DN50 Ø63 smooth tap on the dome (for suction). 4 handling eye mounts.

The UV stabilized PEHD retention tank, made by plate polyfusion :

  • 1 flat bottom
  • 1 set of centering feet
  • 4 handling eye mounts

  • additional bistable inverter level (for low level, very low level, etc.)
  • additional tap with flange DN20 Ø25 to DN80 Ø90
  • exterior DN80 Ø90 overflow tube
  • PEHD support for mounting DOSINGBOX dosing cabinet on the retention, with pump(s)/tank connecting piping
  • terminal/tank connection piping in PVC DN50 Ø63 PN10 for positioning the decanting terminal SECURIBOX Terminal50C right at the tank/retention unit
  • rainproof flashing for exterior installation of the tank/retention unit
  • Teflon immersion heater for heating the tank (for products that crystallize: soda, etc.)
  • tank heat regulation box
  • a set of floor attachment clips (recommended for exterior installation)

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