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TASK bvba Environmental Engineering

Tank Covers for Odour Containment Purposes



Open tanks (sewage tanks, process tanks, buffer tanks, sedimentation basins, aeration tanks) as part of industrial plants or wastewater treatment plants can often be a source of odor nuisance. An efficient covering of these tanks will prevent further diffusion of the odours. This way, the escaping odour vapours can be contained and evacuated for further treatment in a appropriate odour control treatment installation. According to the nature of the emissions, appropriate odour control treatment could be a chemical gas scrubber, a biological air scrubbing installation, a biofilter, an activated carbon filter, etc. In most of the cases, the gas scrubbing or odour control treatment installation will already be available on site, so it will only be a matter of making the necessary connections.

Odour control covers - tank covers for odor containment

Covers (also self-supported) in high performance reinforced membrane. Custom-made covers according to the shape of the tank or basin (square, rectangular, round). Rotating versions are also available. The covers can be provided with integrated manholes, platforms and other cut-outs for piping. For self-supported tank covers, the framing is made of stainless steel (SS 316) or other metals (according to the nature and composition of the vapours to be contained). Basins and tanks up to a diameter of 50 m (20 m for self-supported tanks) can be covered this way. The membrane used is made of reinforced PVC (850 or 1600 g/m²).

Self-supporting odor control covers - tank covers for odor containment

The metal framing (in SS 316 or another metal) gives the structure stability and makes it self-supporting. This kind of structure can cope with more severe weather circumstances (increased wind and snow loads). The metal framing of the self-supporting tank covers allows to connect to other steel structures such as side platforms, passages, etc. Rotating versions are also possible. The self-supporting tank cover is user-friendly (easy access for inspection purposes) and easy to maintain, thanks to the metal framing (a periodic control of the membrane and the framing will do).

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