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Tank Desiccant Breathers



Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breathers can solve the problem of moisture, corrosion and contaminants for the storage tanks of any size with any airflow.

Tank Desiccant Breather prevents atmospheric moisture air from entering storage tanks during thermal inbreathing and draining periods. If using Tank Desiccant Breather valuable chemicals remain free of water contamination.Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breathers prevent condensation of moisture from the ambient air coming into the storage tanks, it helps to store products which have the ability to mix with water with higher level of purity.

Tank Desiccant Breathers can be equipped with special carbon filters to neutralize the gases being produced during the filling of the tank. Carbon filters can remove such contaminants as Oxides of Nitrogen, Sulphur Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulphide, etc.
Silica gel as Desiccant together with carbon filters enable Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breathers to offer a high level of protection to a wide range of materials.

Alfaintek offers standard models of leg mountings Tank Desiccant Breathers, which are placed on the ground near the tanks for easy access and inspection. 

Incoming air passes through a highly efficient desiccant in the Tank Desiccant Breather before entering the tank. After desiccant approaches its saturation point, it should be replaced. 

Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breathers provide pressure drop lower then 2,5 mbar even for large storage tanks with high air flows. 
Moisture can be harmful contaminant for many tank-stored product, reduction of this moisture content by the Tank Desiccant Breather can not only improve the service life of the storage tank but  the purity of the stored products. That is why Tank Desiccant Breather is a must to have for all storage tanks.

Benefits of Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breather:

  • Can be constructed even for large storage tanks with high airflow 
  • Tank Desiccant Breather keep low pressure 
  • Standard material Al galvanized steel or stainless steel. 
  • Alfaintek Tank Desiccant Breather can operate in cold or hot climate. 
  • Problem-free cartridge exchangeFlange connection
  • Can be equipped with pressure vacuum relive valve
  • Adsorbents for Tank Desiccant Breathers: Silica Gel + wide range of Activated Carbon and Chemical Sorbents

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