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KMT International, Inc.

Tanker Washing System



KMT offers a tanker washing system designed specifically for cleaning food grade tank trailers and vessels. This modular machine contains all the equipment and controls required to properly clean food grade carriers. The system can be configured to wash either one or two tankers at a time and is pasteurized milk ordinance 3A guidelines compliant. Each system runs four fully automatic wash cycles that are currently required to meet food manufactures and regulatory agency requirements. A programmable logic controller (PLC) operates all of the machine functions during wash cycles to eliminate operator errors.

Water is cascaded through the system to reduce consumption, allowing a typical type II wash cycle to use as little as 400 gallons of fresh water per wash. The system utilizes in-line heating of the wash solutions through steam heat exchangers that allow rinse temperatures up to 212 degree F. All wash cycles are finished with an ambient temperature by fresh water rinse with the option to inject a USDA/FDA approved sanitizer. In addition to providing a final rinse and sanitizing, this step intended to cool down the tank before the hatches are closed and seals installed. Additional provisions are made to air-dry tankers using Heppa-filtered air - this step isusually required when tankers are used to transport refined food grade oils.

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