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- Inflatable Containment Boom



Texas Boom Company Inflatable Containment Boom is typically used on response vessels where a foam filled containment boom would be too bulky. The reduced volume of an inflatable containment boom is an asset when oil boom has to be transported to the spill site while requiring less storage area. Inflatable Containment Booms are typically used in open water where the higher buoyancy to weight ratio assists the performance of the boom in waves and rougher water conditions. Texas Boom Inflatable Containment Booms come in various sizes and materials that are designed for durability and extreme weather conditions.

  • Constructed using 100% RF Welds
  • Typically build with long lasting heavy PVC or Urethane
  • High-tensile-strength aluminum end connectors are universally compatible
  • Separate 16 ft long welded air chambers that are fitted with Monsun XG 1 air valves
  • Ballast is a hot dip galvanized steel chain that provides strength and stability during and after deployment

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