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- Permanent Spill Containment Boom



Texas Boom Company's Permanent Containment Boom is flexible heavy duty oil boom, designed with specific objectives including: excellent wave conformity, great ease of deployment and retrieval, high velocity towing capability, maximum resistance to weathering, high UV, chemical, and marine growth resistance, and greater longevity and durability. Our Permanent Containment Boom is available with overall heights from 10 to 60 inches.

  • Heavy duty conveyor belt type coated fabrics with a minimum of 1500 lbs/in. width tensile strength.
  • Available Colors: International orange, yellow, and black.
  • Flotation members are made from pairs of 40” long, 3.5” thick and 12” wide coated fabric floats filled with ½ “ laminates of closed cell PE foam slabs.
  • Appropriate size marine brass weights are bolted to the lower edge of the barrier fabric for increased stability.
  • Permanent Containment Booms are fitted with ASTM-962-94 universal quick latch connectors, which are equipped with stainless steel nuts, bolts, and toggle pins.

  • Boom designed to fulfill the dual function of trash or debris booms as well as oil spill containment booms.
  • Special boom design of the flotation elements offer minimum catch surface area for floating debris.
  • Boom offers superior vertical stability for oil spill containment.

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