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- Thermal Conductivity Scanning Device



Contactless, continous, very fast – these are the characteristics of our new thermal conductivity meter TCSCAN. For the first time a measuring systems is available, that determines thermal conductivity not only step by step. With a spatial resolution of 2 to 3 mm the thermal conductivity proifle is determined continously and with high accuracy. Developed by Prof. Yuri Popov (Russia) we hold an exclusive license to manufacture this innovative thermal conductivity and (if needed) temperature diffusivity meter.

  • Thermal conductivity : 0.2 - 25 W/m*K (+/- 3 %)
  • Thermal diffusivity : 0.6 - 3.0 ∗ 10-6 m2/s (+/- 5 %)
  • Productivity : Up to 60 samples / hour (depending on the sample length) – measurements much faster than e.g with a half space line source or the divided bar method.
  • Sample dimensions : At least 30 mm length at any given shape. Maximum length of scanning line appr. 500 mm
  • Sample preparation : No polishing or sawing necessary. Measurements as well on flat as on cylindrical surfaces (e.g. drill cores), even abrasive surfaces easily measurable.
  • Steering software : With online help functions and intuitive user interface, compatible with all software versions of Windows (TM) from WN95.

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