ECH Sterowniki

ECH Sterowniki

- Model ST-427i - Central Heating Pump Controllers



 ST-427i regulator is intended to control the operation of three pumps. The controller's task is to switch the pumps on (temporarily if the temperature exceeds the threshold value of activation) and off when the boiler cools down (e.g. as a result of burnout). If a selected pump is not a CH pump, apart from activation temperature, the user adjusts the set temperature up to which the pump will operate. There is a possibility to set any priorities of the pumps' operation.

  • control of three pumps on the basis of the measurement of temperatures or on a time basis
  • anti-stop function
  • anti-freeze function
  • the possibility of setting any priorities of pumps
  • the possibility of connecting room regulator

  • LCD display
  • three temperature sensors
  • knob of the pulse generator
  • casing made of high quality materials resistant to high and low temperatures

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