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Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd

- Sludge Dewatering Multi-Plate Screw Press


Techase® Multi-plate Screw Press is a latest sludge dewatering technology developed by Shanghai Techase Environment Protection with the cooperation of Tongji University. It can be widely used for the sludge dewatering in the municipal& industrial wastewater treatment system.

  • Municipal Waste Water/  Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Petrochemical Industry (Oil Field)
  • Light Industry
  • Chemical-fiber Industry
  • Paper Manufacturing Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Leather Factory
  • Food/beverage production plants
  • Industrial waste treatment plants
  • Laundry Wastewater
  • Machinery manufacturing/Metal processing plants
  • Dairy farming/Meat processing plants
  • Agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants
  • Printing and dyeing wastewater
  • Livestock Plant
  • albumen wastewater
  • beet sugar wastewater 
  • Slaughter processing liquid waste
  • Chemical Wastewater
  • Medical waste water
  • reuse of reclaimed water

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