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- Model AGF - Stationary Mixer



Compact, simple, functional, it is ideal for the liquid mixing in the internal of tanks under pressure or air vacuumed. Every particular has been shrank and optimized to obtain the maximum efficiency and the maximum reliability in any condition and use. Thanks to the standard motor, with AGF it is possible to personalize the mixing characteristics in terms of power, rotation speed as per the plant and product needs.

All the parts of the AGF stationary mixer coming into contact with the liquid are made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The pull-out shaft and paddles form a single unit which is rotated by the motor through a rigid connection or screwed joint. The accurate balancing of the coupling enables the total length of the machine to exceed 1.50 m.

In the standard version, the mechanical seal is internal, self-cooled and can be constructed of different materials to suit the chemical and physical properties of the liquid (the standard version offers a ceramic / graphite combination). The AGF stationary mixer is equipped with standard IP 55 motors. Therefore the power values and rpm’s given in the table below represent just one example of the vast range of combinations which can be made by just substituting one type of motor for another while all the other parts of the mixer remain unchanged.

Our main goal has always been to provide a top quality product to clients that require sanitary solutions for the transfer of liquid matter, while preserving its chemical structure, and for the transfer of solids in suspension, while preserving its physiological and/or organoleptic characteristics. We have done more than that: with 40 years of experience we have acquired a know-how and a deep knowledge of the various aspects of transferring products, in a way that has made us, not only the supplier of a 'machine', but also a global Consultant for SANITARY SOLUTIONS.

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