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The TecoDryer Contec screw conveyors are designed for efficient and reliable transport of a wide range of agricultural and industrial products. The screw conveyor construction consists of inlet and outlet sections, trough sections with screw flight and the drive assembly Equipment and accessories are manufactured both for straghtforward conveyors and for complete Systems for large turn-key projects.

The screw conveyors are designed for horizontal or inclined conveying and the product line consists of tubular conveyors with the designations. SO for standard and SOH for heavy duty conveyors and through conveyors designated as the SU and SUH line.

In standard form, the screw conveyors are available in lengths up to lb meter. Ihe screws are made from modular sections of 2 metres and can be as long as 6 metres w thout the use of intermediate bearings.

In addition to this, there is a wide r*n& of feature* that can be supplied depending on customer demands and the specific  applications.

The capacities vary depending of on various factors such as model, size, filling, material etc., but the screw conveyers a'e available n size 'anglr* from 0150 - 0 SCO mm within the standard range, and bigger sizes are made on request.

The screw conveyors are naturally designed according tovalid norms ard n?gulat>ons, and delivered with mandatory documentation

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