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Hydrated lime is a good choice for many small to medium sized plants because of the ease of product handling. Hydrated lime typically costs about 30% more money then Quicklime so efficiency is key. The TEKKEM Hydrated Lime System offers TEKKEM quality precision for plants that choose Hydrated Lime.

A predetermined amount of hydrated lime is added to a predetermined amount of water. The two are mixed for an Owner selected period of time to an Owner selected final slurry concentration before being discharged into the Slurry Aging Tank. The slurry concentration can be varied from 1% to 30% The Slurry Aging Tank is designed to provide over 15 minutes of aging to optimize the utilization of the lime, some what akin to steeping a cup of tea. The lime is then delivered to one or more application points through a continuous loop and Precision Dosing System. The velocity in the loop is maintained above the critical velocity required to minimize scaling in the pipes. The lime slurry is then introduced below the water at any level selected by the Owner through our Subsurface Injection. This minimizes splashing and fouling of subsurface mixers.

The precision and accuracy of this system provides consistent water pH in the face of changing influent flows. The proven TEKKEM OPERATING SYSTEM provides automatic dosing based upon flow, mg/liter or any Owner selected criteria.

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