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- Model 1102 - Air Dryer System



The Tekran Model 1102 provides dry air to the Model 1130 Pump Module zero air generating system. The dryer unit contains two columns that alternate between absorbing water when cool and desorbing water during a heated regeneration step. Ambient air is pulled through the cool column by the 1130 Pump Module to remove moisture (typical dew point -40 OC). At the same time the opposing column is heated to expunge captured moisture. The resulting dry air prevents condensation and protects sensitive instrument components.

  • Power requirements: 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz. 0.8 A
  • Heating temperature: ~ 90 °C
  • Cycle time: ~ 1 hour
  • Dryer type: Molecular sieve
  • Max. Flow capacity: 10 l_/m
  • Dew point: - 40 °C, typical
  • Outlet fitting: ¼” compression

The zero air canisters in the Model 1130 Pump Module are slightly hydroscopic and can collect water from ambient air. This can cause a number of problems:

  • Corrosion of the zero canisters
  • Deposition of iodine based compounds into zero air lines (yellowish or brownish deposits)
  • Passivation of gold cartridges after desorb cycle due to iodine compounds

The Model 1102 is a molecular sieve based dryer. It supplies a continuous stream of dry air to the Model 1130 Pump Module. The dryer unit contains two cartridges that absorb water when cool and desorb water when heated. Ambient an is directed through the cold cartridge to remove moisture, and the dry air is directed to the Model 1130 Zero Air Inlet. At the same time the opposing cartridge is heated to desorb captured moisture and an active air flow pushes the moisture out of the cartridge. A timer arrangement automatically switches between the two cartridges with a period of approxunately one hour. This continuous purging occurs whenever the dryer is powered on regardless of whether the Model 1130 is actually pulling zero an or not.

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