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- Model 2600-IO5 - Ambient Air Sampling and Analysis System



The Tekran Model 2600-NG Mercury Analyzer is designed for the analysis of ambient air sampling cartridges. The system contains an atomic fluorescence detector, a dual stage thermal desorber and a data acquisition and control system. A single serial connection allows a Windows based PC to control the entire analysis process, acquire the detector output and calculate final results.

  • Dedicated analyzer for manually exposed sampling cartridges.
  • Desorbs industry standard .25” OD x 5” to 6” long friction fit cartridges.
  • Ultra sensitive Atomic Fluorescence (AF) detector.
  • Dual stage gold preconcentrator/thermal desorber.
  • Precision mass flowmeter gives superior long term stability.
  • Auto carrier shutoff to conserve carrier gas.


Tekran provides a suite of products for the measurement of ambient air and similar non-combustible gases in accordance with the US EPA Method IO-5 recommendations.

The sample gas is then passed through gold-coated quartz cartridges while the sample volume is totalized using a conventional dry gas meter. The mercury in the gas amalgamates onto the surface of the gold cartridges during sampling.

The cartridges are removed for subsequent analysis. A rugged and compact atomic fluorescence system contains a cartridge desorber, fixed analytical trap, an AF detector and the control electronics. The entire system is controlled by a PC computer through a single serial COM port. Calibration is done via vapor injections using a temperature controlled calibration source.

Tekran Quartz-Gold Sampling Trap

  • Custom made quartz substrate for high surface area, low back pressure, and reproducibility
  • New, precisely controlled, optimized, high-purity plasma deposition process
  • Blank and batch testing to meet strict recovery and carryover criteria

Model 2030 - Heated Cartridge Sampler

  • Warms cartridges during sampling to eliminate condensation
  • Three cartridge sleeves in heated zone allow duplicate and even triplicate simultaneous sample trains to be exposed
  • Heated zone is long enough to allow two gold cartridges to be placed in series within each sleeve

Model 2505 - Calibration Unit

  • Suitable for field or laboratory use
  • Thermo electric temperature controller: no water bath required
  • Operates from 12 VDC or line power
  • Precision temperature measurement with digital display. Resolution: 0.001 °C

  • Suitable for field or laboratory use
  • Desorbs industry standard ¼” OD x 5” to 6” long friction fit cartridges eg: Tekran Gold-Quartz Trap
  • Ultra-sensitive Atomic Fluorescence (AF) detector: Typical MDL < 1.0 ng/m3
  • Dual stage gold pre-concentrator & thermal desorber:
    • Continuously variable heaters allow ramped heating
    • Internal cooling fans provide faster cycle time
    • Teflon Load & Vent solenoids reduce sample path contamination
  • All Teflon & glass sample train
  • Precision mass flow controller for superior stability
  • Auto carrier shutoff to conserve carrier gas
  • 24 bit A/D converter provides wide dynamic range
  • Automated desorption cycle
  • Calibration using any saturated vapor injection source eg: Tekran Model 2505
  • Controlled via newly updated Tek-MDS 2.5 software by any Windows based PC through single serial port
    • The new application is faster, more reliable and offers a wide range of new capabilities including software access to hardware settings and feedback for trouble shooting and full control
    • Calibration and final results are calculated directly in ng/m3
    • Fully programmable desorption cycle parameters to tailor system for any special application
    • Notebook PC allows portable operation

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