Tekran Instruments Corporation

- Model 2642 - Natural Gas Sampler



Tekran and VE Technology have partnered together to improve the quality of Natural Gas sampling and analysis. Proper sample collection requires precision equipment to assure mercury is quantitatively transported between the source pipeline and the sample collection device. The Tekran 2642 Natural Gas Sampler paired with a Tekran 2600-NG provides a complete sampling and analysis solution.

Sampling mercury in a natural gas matrix presents many challenges. The trace amounts typically found in natural gas are typically adsorbed to the surfaces of the sampling equipment. This is due to the relative chemical potential of mercury and it’s affinity of surfaces and particles in the sample stream. The Tekran 2642 combats these issues by using SilcoNert coated sampling components along with heating of the entire sampling train to assure quantitative transport of mercury.

  • Patented probe technology eliminates vortex induced vibration
  • Designed to directly accommodate Tekran gold-coated quartz sampling cartridges
  • Minimal dead volume allow lower flow rates and faster response times
  • Heated pressure reduction system eliminated condensation issues
  • All wetted components are electro polished and SilcoNert treated
  • Control box integrated with probe to minimize installation costs
  • Easy access to system components for sample collection and serviceability
  • Vertical or lateral installation configurations

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