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The Tekran Model 2537Xi mercury vapor analyzer is built specifically for stack monitoring of flue gases and other elevated-Hg source gases. The 2537Xi is the cornerstone of the Tekran Series 3300Xi Mercury CEMs which has been installed at over 200 sites in the U.S. The 2537Xi has proven accurate, stable, and reliable under the most remote and rugged conditions. Designed for years of continuous use, Tekran’s patented pure gold cartridge is immune to memory effects and will eliminate the host of interferences that plague direct AA or AF analyzers. Our cartridges do not degrade like other cartridges constructed with gold sand, silica or quartz wool.

Electronics Platform

  • Network enabled
  • Touch screen interface
  • Local data storage and front panel USB port
  • Remote access (troubleshooting, control and configuration)
  • Improved data and instrument parameter logging
  • Additional functionality via optional s/w plugins (std. additions, remote valve
  • control, and much more)


  • New lamp stabilizer and detector electronics
  • Easy cuvette removal via convenient fitting interface
  • Improved stability
  • Digital PMT control and display

Permeation Source

  • Lower dead volume permeation chamber
  • Valve improvements to reduce pressure effects
  • Digital perm source set point and display

Cartridge / Valve Assembly

  • New valve assembly with low dead volume
  • Constant power heater control insures consistent temp over heater life
  • Faster cool down time with independent high-velocity channelled fans

Physical Layout

  • Reduced height from 5U (8.75”) to 4U (7”)
  • Improved component accessibility for routine maintenance

  • USB Host Ports (2)
  • USB Device Port (1)
  • Network Port (1)
  • RS-485 Ports (2)
  • Analog Chart Outputs (2)
  • RS-232 Serial Output (1)
  • Status and Control Input (1)
  • Sample and Gas Inputs (3)

  • Analyte: TGM (Total Gaseous Mercury) with speciation available from the 3321 Sample Conditioner in a 3300Xi system.
  • Principle: Gold pre-concentration with atomic fluorescence detection.
  • Sensitivity: < 0.1 ng/m3 (5 min samples)
  • Sampling Cycle: 2.0 – 60 min (2 – 15 min recommended)
  • Sampling: Continuous (no data stream gaps)
  • Outputs: See Above, plus Modbus from CEM-Plus software
  • Sample Flow: 0.2 – 0.5 L/m
  • Flow Totalization: Precision mass flowmeter (MFM)
  • Pump: Internal, variable speed (MFM feedback loop control)
  • Carrier Gas: Argon
  • Consumption: < 10.5 L/day (full size tank lasts 5 to 6 weeks)
  • Carrier Setpoint: Precision mass flow controller. Carrier flow is set to one of 3 settings during each desorption cycle. MFC provides superior stability and accuracy.
  • Calibration: Automatic using internal permeation source. Manual injection port also provided
  • Physical: Self-contained. 19” rack mountable (4U height)

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