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- Model 3321 - Wall Mounted Sample Conditioner - Flue Gas Analysis



The Tekran Model 3321 Wall Mounted Sample Conditioner allows virtually any combustion gas matrix to be analyzed for total gaseous mercury, elemental mercury and ionic mercury. The Model 3321 is designed around a modular framework, allowing a wide range of applications from bench-scale research to full-scale installations. The wall-mounted design greatly simplifies installation and improves user serviceability.

The Model 3321 can be configured with speciation, oxidizer, or THC/HCl packages depending on the customer needs. After conditioning, the two sample gas is sent to a Tekran Model 2537Xi atomic fluorescence (AF) analyzer. The use of AF produces an extremely low detection limit, a wide dynamic range, and results free from interferences. Unlike CEM systems using conventional analytical techniques, the system is immune to even the highest levels of potential interferents present in a combustion sample stream.

  • Measurement range: 0.05 – 1500 μg/m3
  • Direct determination of total and elemental mercury
  • Full temperature and system status logging
  • No chemical reagents or consumable solid absorbers

Tekran HgCEMs are operating at:

  • Coal fired power plants
  • Cement kilns
  • Steel mills
  • Waste incinerators
  • Abatement research sites
  • Wall mounted to simplify installation and serviceability
  • NIST traceable Hg generators
  • Modular 3321 accepts speciation, oxidizer, or THC/HCl package
  • Solutions for Hg control research for benchscale, pilot plant and full-scale

A Trusted and Proven Solution for:

Accurate and Cost-Effective Mercury Control Technology Development

Tekran has supported numerous partners with the supply of accurate flue-gas mercury speciation measurement systems for projects to develop and evaluate:

  • Activated carbon injection (ACI) products,
  • Catalysts used to oxidize and enhance mercury capture,
  • Polymer composites designed for absorption of mercury,
  • Chemical additives to enhance mercury removal,
  • Emission source baseline profiles necessary for compliance planning

The Model 3300Xi Dual-Probe HgCEM configuration has been successfully demonstrated!

Performance and Acceptance Testing of Mercury Control Technologies
Compliance with EGU MATS and PC MACT regulations will involve a wide selection of mercury control technology solutions. As part of the implementation process, equipment performance guarantees will be developed and contractual guarantees will be enforced. Notable about this dynamic is that:

  1. Inlet and outlet conditions for mercury control guarantees will be difficult, at best, to predetermine and therefore specify in contracts,
  2. A number of pollution control strategies may be installed in series, each of which could have a significant and varying impact on the other,
  3. Performance and acceptance test conditions will vary with time, thereby making the assessment of actual mercury control equipment performance more challenging than steadystate processes.

Tekran’s 3300Xi Dual-Probe HgCEM Configuration can help you sort this out!

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