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- Model SM8200 - In Situ SO2, NO Analyzer



The transceiver houses the light source, spectrometer, multi-gas photodiode array detector system and various focusing optics for outstanding performance over a significant range of operating conditions.  The transceiver is constructed of a rugged cast aluminum housing which is latch-detachable from the probe assembly for easy removal and service.  A photodiode array is able to specifically measure the absorption at the wavelengths of interest.  Advanced detection and mathematical processing improves gas concentration readings. Calibrations can be conducted using an internal electro-optic calibration cell or external EPA protocol 1 calibration gas.  Calibration gases can be injected into the measurement cell at the stack temperature and pressure. A local user display on the transceiver serves as a simple yet powerful man-machine interface for accessing parameters, measured values and initiating calibration checks.

The probe assembly is available in various lengths and a variety of different materials.  The Instrument comes in various ranges thereby adding flexibility to a wide variety of applications.   An RTD and pressure sensor is included to make correcting to standard conditions simple and accurate.  A dynamic calibration port is located on the probe flange to enable protocol gases to be flooded into the measurement cavity.

An Analyzer Electronic Box houses the pneumatic controls for calibration gases and electronic controls for transceiver support.  Multiple options are available to support the SM®8200 including addition Multi I/O Module, Cal Gas Heater Assembly, Plant I/O Module and a Calibration Gas Audit Box for cylinder gas audits.

  • Meets All 40CFR60 and 40CFR75 CEM Regulations For SO2, and NOx CEM Measurements
  • State-of-the-Art UV Source and Solid-State Detector System
  • Fast response
  • Easy installation
  • No Sample Line required
  • Typically No Shelter required
  • Low Cost of Ownership

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