Teledyne RESON A/S

- Model SVP 70 - Fixed Mount Sound Velocity Probes



Compact and robust, the SVP 70 features a long path length whether you install it on a survey vessel, or take it down to 6,000 metres on an ROV, AUV or submarine. The SVP 70 is an all-titanium plug -n- play system with RESON SV processors, wide input voltage and RS232 and RS422 communication interfaces for long cable runs.

The SVP 70 uses a direct path echosounding technique that instantly compensates for temperature and pressure with internal sensors. The SVP 70 comes in a water resistant case including brackets for mounting, a 3m accessory cable, bolts, and a user manual with system description. Additional adaptor kits and fairing accessories are available.

  • Accurate & reliable sound velocity measurement in seawater
  • Compact housing in titanium for corrosion immunity and high strength
  • Mechanical design for easy cleaning, optimal flow and flexible integration
  • Galvanically isolated multiple communication interfaces as standard
  • Direct path ultrasonic echosounding with 2MHz transducer element
  • Instant electronic temperature and pressure compensation via internal sensors
  • Integrated electronics and up to 6000m depth rating

  • Sound Velocity
    • Range: 1350 -1800m/s
    • Resolution: 0.01m/s
    • Accuracy: (0-50m ±0.05m/s
    • Accuracy: (6000m) ±0.25m/s
    • Sampling Rate: 20Hz and lower, programmable
    • Sampling Mode: On request, continuous
  • I/O Interfaces
    • Connector: Birns MCBH9MTT* (Titanium)
    • Output: (MCBH9M) True RS-232 and True RS-422
    • Baud Rate: 2400-115200
    • Galvanic Insulation: Yes
    • Output Options: Direct, filtered, validity
    • Output Formats: Universal Programmable ASCII, Valeport, AML, SVP24, NMEA, and others
  • Electrical
    • Supply: 9-55VDC
    • Power: 1.1W typical, 1.5W maximum
  • Physical
    • Diameter: 44mm (maximum)
    • Length: 165mm (excl. connector)
    • End-Cap Height: 69mm (maximum)
    • Connector (MCBH9M): 52.5mm x Ø23mm
    • Weight: approximately 1.0kg (excl. cable)
  • Environmental
    • Pressure: 0-630bar
    • Temperature: -20 to +55°C

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